Postpaid Services

Postpaid Services


Tigo offers Postpaid services with affordable tariff rates. We offer to customers best postpaid packages with additional benefits and provide different plans that suit different needs.

Tigo Postpaid always allows you to control your budget.

Other benefits

  • Possibility to have self-service invoicing and detailed call record.
  • Convenient 30 days credit period.
  • Possibility of charging additional balance with Voucher, Tigo Rusha,Tigo Postpaid and International.
  • Top Up when you reach your credit limit, keeping the original conditions of the postpaid plan.
  • Carry on of balance to the next month.
  • Bill Payment: You can pay your bill by any one of these: Cash, cheque, My phone- Tigopesa

Other services available

  • International Roaming
  • Bulk sms
  • Call conference
  • Itemized bill every end of the month
  • Retaining same number from a competitor by just changing the prefix that is available