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Welcome to Tigo. We understand your needs and continue providing you with products and services that answer them and make you progress.

Dial *147*00# to access the new and simplified product menu and enjoy a bonus on any package buy.

Check out these additional benefits

  • The menu has been streamlined to make it easier for a customer to use and remember.
  • Paying for products and services is much quicker and more convenient, whether through airtime or Tigo Pesa.
  • This meu allows a customer to buy bundles, products or services that are in line with their usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  I don’t see my favorite package in the MENU

We have simplified the New Menu *147*00# to make it easier and simpler to buy packages from Tigo and you can still buy your favourite package from *148*00# but you won't receive a bonus. For more bonuses and Offers dial *147*00# -> My ChapChap Offers and find more offers recommended for you

  What payment options are there for me in this menu?

With this menu you have the option to either pay from Airtime Balance or TigoPesa balance.

  University pack is my favorite, can I still buy it in this new menu?

Yes, you can still buy it here by: dialing *147*00# -> My Offers -> University Offer

  How can I check my pack balance purchased via this menu?

Dial, *147*00# -> Customer Service -> Balance check

You will see your mobile number and receive an SMS with all the details - main balance, Minutes, SMS & MBs

   Can I get Bonuses from *147*00#?

Now, you can enjoy bonuses by buying packs from *147*00# instead of previous way of reloading. 

   Can I get JazaUjazwe offers from *148*00#?

Jaza Ujazwe has ended. We now have a new offer: when you buy packages from the new menu (*147*00# ), you will receive the same Bonus as Jaza Ujazwe - either MBs, SMS or Minutes.

   Can I access *148*00# still?

Yes, this old menu will be available for a short while before being phased out BUT you will receive NO BONUSES when buying package with the old menu.

   Aren’t these packs expensive than in previously menu?

No the packs are priced the same, ranging from 500Tsh 

   How can I find my old packs?

By dialing *147*00# choose My Offers, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Validity.

  Why new menu?

We have brought you a new menu to give you the best experience in our product and services, simplicity, accessibility, completeness and transparency.


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