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4.5 Tanzania 4G Internet

Tigo customers can now have access to the best and most reliable digital experience and ultra-fast downloads at normal internet bundle rates.
All that is required is a 4G+ capable device enabled smartphone

4G+ For Tigo Customers

1.       Check if your phone is 4G+ capable using the lookup below. 

2.       If you phone is not 4G+ capable, check out the great deals on 4G+ ready phones below.


4G Enabled Devices

iPhone 8  64 GB

iPhone 8 64 GB

2,099,999 TZS

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Huawei GR 5 2017

Huawei GR 5 2017

625,000 TZS

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E5572 4G Router

E5572 4G Router

99,000 TZS

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E5172 4G CPE Router

E5172 4G CPE Router

299,000 TZS

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Check Your Phone's 4G+ Compatibility in 3 Steps

1.       Dial *#06# on your handset.

2.       Get the first 8 digits of your IMEI number.

3.       Search your IMEI number below.


4G+ Coverage

Enjoy fast 4G+ internet in 5 cities. Traveling outside of 4G+ coverage? Don’t worry, automatically change over to 4G and 3G stay connected wherever you go.


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