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About AppPlus:

This is a portal based service where customer gets to enjoy services on video, games and apps upon sucesfully subscription. Here customer can download his/ her favourite games or video or app and enjoy them everyday.

How to Subscribe AppPlus:

Customer can subscribe to service by visiting Or by sending the folowing keywords to 15025 (APP2, VID2 or GAME2).

How to Unsubscribe from AppPlus:

To un subscribe the subscriber will have to send key word ONDOA to 15025 or by visiting and choose unsubacribe.

Services charges:

This service charges Tsh 150 per day, Tsh 500 per week and Tsh 1500 per month.

Terms and Conditions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is App Plus service?

This is a portal based service rich in entertainment contents for games, apps and videos

  Do I get charged when I visit the Portal?

No, you are only charged only when you want to download the content i.e. the daily and weekly charges are then valid at this point unless your subscribed via sms

  What happen after I subscribe to the service and download the desired content?

The content will be stored in your device and you will start enjoying immediately after downloading

  Once I have the game, app or video, how long can I keep it?

You will have the content in your device and be able to play for as long as you want. Unless you  uninstall it

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