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 Personal Insurance - Bima Mkononi

Tigo Pesa MasterCard QR removes the need for you to carry cash or physical bank cards, so even if you forgot your wallet at home, you can make a payment using MasterCard QR.You are guaranteed the security of being able to pay for in-store purchases by scanning the QR code displayed at checkout on your smartphones, or by entering an 8-digit merchant code into a feature phone.


By downloading the latest version of the Tigo Pesa app, Tanzanian’s will be able to pay with MasterCard QR by following these four simple steps:

1.       Open your TigoPesa App and select Pay Merchant MasterCard.

2.       Scan the QR code displayed at the checkout through your TigoPesaApp(you can also enter the 8-digit merchant number).

3.       Enter the amount of the transaction.

4.       Enter your PIN to authorise payment.


For those who do not have a smartphone or want to use USSD menu, they can pay by following these sixsimple steps:

1.       Dial *150*01#

2.       Select option 5 – Pay Merchant

3.       Select option 2 – Pay MasterCard QR merchant

4.       Enter the 8-digit merchant number

5.       Enter the amount of the transaction

6.       Enter your PIN to authorise payment


Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is this service?

This service allows Tigo pesa customers to purchase goods or pay for the services using their Tigo Pesa wallet from all Masterpass merchants using the new Scan and Pay feature.

  What is the Masterpass

Masterpass is a service offered by Mastercard to provide the customer a digital payment means which is fast, secure and convenient.
And now the service can be accessed by Tigo Pesa customers through both the Tigo Pesa App and USSD menu.

  Where can I pay with Masterpass using Tigo Pesa?

You can use your TigoPesa wallet to purchase goods or pay for the service wherever you see Masterpass accepted here 

  How you pay Masterpass using Tigo Pesa?

Tigo Pesa customers can purchase goods or pay for services to all merchants who accept Masterpass payments;

1) By using USSD short code:
Dialing *150*01#
Choose number 5 - Pay Merchant
Then number 2 - Pay Masterpass QR merchant
Enter the eight(8) digits Merchant Number
Enter the amount you would like to pay
And confirm the payment using your PIN

2) By using an TigoPesa app:
Choose Merchant Payment then
Either pay
By Scan QR code and follow the instructions
By Entering the 8 digits and follow the instructions

  What are the cost/charges/fee of using the service?

There are no charges/fees when paying by Masterpass using TigoPesa.

  Do I get receipts for purchases/ How do I get receipts?

Most merchants will be able to provide a printed receipt, and all customers will receive an SMS receipt.

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