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Bima Mkononi FAQs

You can join the service through dialing *148*15# or through a visit at any Tigo Shop for assistance. Also, you can call our toll-free number 0659 071001 for more information.

You can get treated and visit any hospital in Tanzania that is allowed to admit patients overnight. After admission, you are to submit claims with required supporting documents. Note: This covers only for in-patient treatment and claims aren’t paid for out-patient cases.

You don’t need an insurance card for this service. Instead, your mobile number is the identifier of the service and membership. Hence, when submitting claims documents, it’s important to provide the registered mobile number, as payments are made electronically to the number.

Our product aims to serve as an income replacement, for the time that one isn’t capable to pursue their economic or income generating activities due to being hospitalized. That is why the key focus to address and target in-patient treatment.

We have 3 types of insurance

  1. Personal Accident – Covers partial or total disability or death as a result of an accident
  2. Life Insurance – Protects you and your beneficiary, incase one of you is subjected to death.
  3. Hospitalization – Protects you when hospitalized, by provision of a portion in claims.

Once registered and confirmed with payments, your waiting period is a below per product:

Life Insurance – 30 days

Personal Accident – 1 Day

Hospitalization – 30 days upon registering and payment. However, for pre-existing conditions or chronic illness before the insurance cover the waiting period is 6 Months. For maternity, the waiting period is 9 Months.

Bima Mkononi hospitalization is meant to provide claims based on one being admitted for in-patient treatment. In case you’re not admitted in the entire period of cover, there is no claim to be paid. It’s meant to provide security incase one is hospitalized, suffers partial or total disability or loss of life.

Personal Accident and Life insurance are single-owned products, however, someone else can be a beneficiary to the same cover owned by the principal person. Hospitalization insurance can cover up to 5 children between the ages of 1 and 17 as an addition to the adults cover.

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