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Sustaining a Culture of Compliance & Ethics

At Tigo, Tanzania we are committed to the highest level of ethics and compliance. Our commitment to compliance begins with each other and every one of our employees.

We all are responsible for understanding the important legal and ethical issues that affect our business. All employees are expected to act with integrity at all times and “Do Business the Right way.” Integrity means more than just complying with the law, it means acting in an ethical manner as described in our Code of Conduct.

“By fostering a culture of ethics and compliance from the top across all our lines of business, we help everyone make the right decisions and our business becomes more agile, responsive and competitive”

In order to assist our employees and the external parties we interact with, the Compliance Function is organized around three pillars: Prevent, Detect and Respond.

Prevent: Every employee has a responsibility to Prevent corruption in our company. In order to assist employees in this mission we foster a strong compliance tone from the top of our business, conduct annual trainings to increase our Compliance IQ, and conduct compliance due diligence on our third parties as part of the on-boarding process.

Detect: We know that corruption and non-compliance can exist despite the best prevention efforts. Therefore, we build systems to detect corruption within our company. To this end we have a strong Investigations function that works to detect and respond to issues and advises the Company on addressing risk; an anonymous ethics line for employees and others to report concerns; regular internal audit of all functions including Compliance; and are engaging in a process to conduct compliance due diligence on all third parties currently working with us.

Respond: Once corruption or non-compliance is detected, we move quickly to remove or remediate. Our Investigation function works efficiently to provide fair counsel and remedies that the Company can implement quickly. Internal Audit works with the business to develop action plans to address all of its findings, which they then implement. Third parties with significant findings in compliance due diligence.

Are terminated or remediated. The performance of all of our senior management is measured by Compliance KPIs, requiring continual improvement to compliance-related issues.

Code of Conduct

At Tigo, we set out clear rules and expectations in our Code of Conduct. Each and every colleague regardless of title must comply not only with the letter of the Code, but also with the spirit.

Our Code of Conduct is reviewed annually to ensure it meets continuously evolving legal and regulatory standards and also the expectations of governing bodies and other authorities and society in general.

Download the Code of Conduct from below link:

We encourage our employees to raise concerns and discuss issues and suggestions with their Line Managers or other Managers without fear of retaliation and with the assurance that anything raised will be kept as confidential as possible.

Any concerns or suspected violations of governing laws, regulations the Tigo Code of Conduct and other company policies must be brought to the attention of the Compliance and Business Ethics Department.

The Anti – Corruption Programme

The company has a zero-tolerance policy approach to any form of bribery and corruption.

We acknowledge that bribery and corruption risks are a concern worldwide and that such risks can undermine the health and viability of the Company and the environments where we operate, can greatly damage our reputation and can result in severe fines and criminal proceedings. The company has various necessary and appropriate interactions with public officials and authorities as a natural part of its day-to-day operations. We strive to adopt the necessary measures to prevent bribery and corruption and effectively manage bribery and corruption risks.

The company has published a Code of Conduct and an Anti-Corruption Policy with clearly established rules that govern these situations and interactions.

Policies and Guiding Principles

Tigo operates a policy governance framework with the aim of providing our colleagues and our third parties with a set of rules, principles and guidelines to guide any and all business activities that the company is involved in.

Many of our more detailed policies are internal process documents. We share such information confidentially with partners as needed or requested.

We have published a number of our policies here, but if you have questions about any other policy and or procedure, feel free to contact the Ethics and Compliance as a first point of contact.

Below are Policies and Guiding Principles documents

Millicom Ethics Line

Many of our more detailed policies are internal process documents. We share such information confidentially with partners as needed or requested.

Tigo operates a compliance helpline – Ethics Line. It is available to all colleagues and equally to third parties and allows them to raise concerns or report potential or actual breaches of law, regulations or company polices.

It is possible for anyone raising a concern to remain anonymous. Please refer to our Speak Up Policy for more details.

Ethics line can be reached by telephone or online via a web-based reporting tool. It is accessible 24hrs a day, seven days a week, all year round.

The helpline is hosted by a third-party provider and operated by specifically trained third party representatives.

Anyone encountering problems using the link or the telephone number are kindly requested to contact the Ethics and Compliance Manager.

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