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 Get the Tigo Pesa App

The Tigo Pesa App makes all your mobile money transactions fast and easy.  If you haven’t downloaded the App yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Check balance, send money, top up your phone, pay bills, transfer money to your bank account, cash out and so much more.   

Install and Register the Tigo Pesa App in 5 Easy Steps

1.       Download the App from the App stores listed below.

2.       Follow the prompts to register your device.

3.       If your device does not automatically insert the Authentication code, check your SMS inbox to retrieve the Authentication code sent to you.

4.       Enter your Tigo Pesa PIN Code.

5.       Agree with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click  “OK” to complete registration

NOTE:  Make sure the Tigo SIM card for the number you use to register the Tigo Pesa App is in your device when your register, and that your Wi-Fi is switched off.

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Frequently Asked Questions for The Tigo Pesa App

  What do in need to do for the registration to be successful?
  • Your Tigo number is in the device
  • Your phone data is enabled for Tigo simcard only
  • Your Wi-Fi is switched off
  Please take me through steps to register the App

A: Android User

  • Launch "Google play store"
  • Search Tigo Pesa App
  • Select  Tigo Pesa Tanzania
  • Then "Install"
  • Then "Open"
  • Choose Language English/Swahili
  • Register Your Device by Entering your mobile number
  • Enter the Authentication code you receive via SMS
  • Agree with Terms and conditions then Enter PIN code

B: IOS user

  • Launch "Apple Store"
  • Search Tigo Pesa App
  • Select  Tigo Pesa Tanzania
  • Then "Install"
  • Then "Open"
  • Choose Language English/Swahili
  • Register Your Device by Entering your mobile number
  • Enter the Authentication code you receive via SMS
  • Agree with Terms and conditions then Enter PIN code
  Can I install the Tigo Pesa App on more than one device ?

Yes you can install the application on multiple devices at the same time and access from any of your registered devices; you can view all your registered devices and also easily deregister.

  Will my number work for both *150*01# and application?

Yes you can continue using both the *150*01# short code and the Tigo Pesa application.

  How secure is the app?

The app uses the latest security feature to protect you as the consumer, but we would like to remind our customers of the importance of never sharing your PIN with anybody, and to note that Tigo staff will never require you to provide us with your PIN.

  Can I still save my bill pay reference?

Yes, you can save and delete at any time. The application gives you a choice of saving the reference each time you perform a transaction and with a Description box for every transaction you do. 

  Which language is the app in?

The application can either be in Swahili or English, the user has an option of changing it any time in the App itself.

  Does the app work anywhere in Tanzania?

Yes, the application works anywhere in Tanzania as long as your device has Wi-fi/data connection, it also works anywhere in the world as long as your device/handset has Wi-fi/data connection.

  What if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password by calling Tigo customer care on 100, or visiting any of our Tigo Shops.

  How do I know if my phone supports the app?

You can visit the website to view the list of supported devices this might be updated periodically as new devices are added to the list.

  Can my money be stolen if I lose my phone/device?

No your money will be safe since your wallet is still protected by your Tigo Pesa PIN.

  What if I lose my phone/device?

You should call customer care to ensure the device is deregistered, you can also download the the Tigo Pesa app on the new device and continue using it.

  What do I need to qualify to use the app?

All you need is: Your IOS or android phone with Tigo Data network and your registered Tigo number

  What if my app is giving me an error?

If that happens: Switch off  Wi-Fi and Check if your phone has an internet connection or alternatively contact Tigo customer care. 

  Do I get charged when downloading the app?

There are no extra charges for the customer to download the Tigo Pesa application. It’s normal charges used in downloading any other App.

  Do I get charged more using the app?

No. Normal Tigo Pesa charges will apply .Data service through Tigo will not be charged when using the Tigo Pesa App.

  How long does it take to download the app?

The application can take a couple of minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

  Where do I get the link/download the app?

The link can be found on Tigo website, or visiting the App stores directly via your devices or visit our Tigo website to download the App.

  How do I download the app?

The customer can download the App by visiting their App store or by clicking on the link that will be sent to them via SMS or visit out Tigo Website to download the App

  Can I use it on another network?

Yes, it doesn’t matter which network you’re using .Just make sure your Tigo number is in the device when registering the App and there after you can use the App with any network.

  Do I use the same PIN?

Yes, you will use the same Tigo Pesa PIN used when accessing through USSD *150*01# 

  Are all the services available on the app?

All-important services which are currently available on Tigo pesa through USSD will also be available on the smartphone application. E.g

  • Sending money to any network
  • Sending money as voucher
  • Cash out
  • Bill payments
  • Self-top up and Buying  Packages
  • Self-care including E statements
  • Sending money to the bank
  • Check balance
  • Store and Manage favorites.


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