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 Home Internet By Tigo - Samsung

Home internet:

Home Internet by Tigo, is a service that allows customers to enjoy using router/Modem with a completely new experience. With Home Internet by Tigo you can control your Router and Modem straight from your cell phone and enjoy 4G+ internet Speed from Tigo.

No need to remove simcard from HBB device to top up, just use Tigo Pesa APP, captive portal or USSD to manage your subscriptions

Benefits of Using Home Internet from Tigo:

  • Experience: Improved experience to top-up, you can easily top-up or check balance using Tigo Pesa App, portal or USSD. All notifications and campaigns messages are routed to your main number
  • Affordability: Affordable Mi-Fi and CPE with one-month free subscription. 7Days,30Days and 90 Days packs from 5k up to 200GB
  • Relevance: The growing change of customers behavior to have smart devices in their home like Smart TV, camera, Computers, kids' tables etc. People use more Internet when they are at home.
  • Unbeatable offers:
    • Affordable gadgets prices (Mi-Fi + CPE)
    • Bundled products.
      • TV + 90Days pack = Free Router
      • Mi-fi gives 40GB 30days FREE
      • CPE gives 85GB 30Days FREE
    • Loyalty: 12Months Regular users of 90days packs and 50K monthly pack gets opportunity for FREE router upgrade as recognition and retention scheme.
  • Samsung Smart TV Bundling – Samsung partners stores channel
    • Samsung Smart TV + Tigo SIM + 200GB 90Days subscription @350,000Tsh - gets FREE CPE + 85GB Valid for 30Days
    • Samsung Smart TV + Tigo SIM + 100GB 90Days subscription @200,000Tsh - gets FREE Mi-Fi + 85GB Valid for 30Days


Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is Tigo Home Internet?

The new Home Internet offer by Tigo will allow you to enjoy using the router/modem with a completely new experience. Now you can control your Router and Modem straight from your mobile phone      and enjoy 4G+ Home Internet by Tigo.

  Why is it different from every home internet in the market?

With Tigo Home internet:

    1. There is no need to remove your SIM card from your router/modem to check your MB balance, or reload airtime or buy Internet
    2. No need to use your smartphone as router/modem anymore, because you will be able to have a full control of your router/modem from your own Mobile Tigo line
    3. You will be able to view and keep track of your data balance, buy packages with a very simple way through Tigo Pesa App
  How to join Tigo Home Internet?
  1. If you are Router or modem user: you can Call 100 or visit any Tigo shop to get connected.
  2. If you don’t have Router or Modem: you can visit any nearest Tigo shop to buy one and get connected to the service and Tigo will give you up to 85GB of FREE internet with 30days validity
  What do I need to join Tigo Home Internet?

You need to have the following:

    1. Tigo SIM card on your mobile phone
    2. You would require another Tigo SIM Card for your Tigo Home Internet device.
    3. Tigo Home Internet device (Modem/Router)
    4. Active Tigo Pesa account
    5. Download Tigo Pesa App
  What should I do if I don’t have a Tigo Pesa account?

If you have a Tigo SIM Card, you need to activate your account by dialing *150*01# and follow directions else call 100 or Visit Tigo Shop for support.

  How do download the Tigo Pesa App?

If you have an Android Smartphone, you need to go to Google play store to download. iPhone users go to Apple Store to download

  What benefits do I get when I join Tigo Home Internet?

You will get the following benefits:

  • Check balance in real time: MBs and minutes (if you subscribe to a bundle that come with minutes)
  • Check balance Airtime
  • Validity of your packs
  • Buy a pack to your Router/Modem
  • Buy a pack to another Router/modem (if for example a friend requested you to buy for him)
  • Receiving information and any relevant notification related to your Router/Modem on your Tigo mobile SIM
  Where can I get Tigo Home Internet?

You can get from any Tigo Shop, Partner Stores or Tigo Data Sales Team

  I already have a modem/router from Tigo, how do I join Tigo Home internet?

Please visit any nearest Tigo Shop to get connected

  I have a modem/router from another network, can I use the device for Tigo Home Internet?

Yes, you can use the modem/router from another network if it is not locked to another network. However, if the device is locked to another network, it cannot be used for Tigo Home internet.

  How do I buy my subscription on Tigo Home Internet?

You can buy subscriptions from:

Tigo Pesa App: Select Tigo Mobile Shop on the Home Screen.

*147*00#: Select Home Internet


  Does Tigo Home Internet come with Auto renewal service?

No, Tigo Home Internet does not come with autorenewal service.

  Can I buy subscription for home internet to a friend?

Yes, you can buy subscriptions for your friends and family only if they have joined Tigo Home Internet service

  If I need support, where can I get it?

You can get support from any Tigo Shop or call our Call center number at 100.

  Can I buy any package for Tigo home Internet?

No, we have special packages for Tigo Home Internet services available from:

      1. Tigo Pesa App
      2. *147*00#
      3. https://internet.tigo.co.tz
  Can I buy Home Internet packages for my normal Mobile number?

No, Tigo Home Internet packages are for customers who are using Tigo Home Internet service.

  Can I do multiple subscriptions?

Yes, multiple subscriptions of more than one pack a day by a customer is allowed.

  Can I share my purchased Bundle/Pack balance with someone?

No, currently a customer can not share the content of a purchased pack with a friend. To buy for a friend, a customer needs to follow specific steps of gifting a new pack to a friend

  What are the payment options?

There are two main payment options for a customer to choose when buying a pack.

    1. Main balance
    2. Tigo Pesa.

These options are provided based on the channel selected by a Customer for Example on USSD *147*00# and Tigo Internet Portal a customer can opt to pay via Main balance option or Tigo Pesa option. While when Tigo Pesa App or Tigo Pesa menu via USSD *150*01# the payment option is only Tigo Pesa.

  What is the pack validity?

Every Home Internet pack has a specified validity, and the content of the purchased pack can only be used within the specified time which is always indicated at the time of purchase and in our menus.

  Can I carryover my package remaining content?

No, now a customer cannot carry over any remaining content of the purchased pack after the pack is expired. Therefore, a customer is advised to use the pack content within the predefined validity of the pack. This is always indicated at the time of purchase and in all our menus

  Can I change my Home Internet number or Stop using Home Internet Service?

Yes, if a customer would want to change onboarded Home Internet number or stop the service, it is advised to visit any Tigo shop or contact our Customer care line 100

  What the FREE Home Internet Welcome Packages?

There are two kinds of Welcome Packages

    1. During onboarding process
    2. When you buy new Home Internet device (Modem/Router) from Tigo
  Do these welcome packages differ in any way?


    1. The welcome pack varies depending on the type of device the customer is purchasing
    2. If customer purchase Modem (Mi-Fi), Tigo gives 40GB of Data with 30days validity
    3. If customer purchase Router (CPE), Tigo gives 85GB of Data with 30days validity 
  Are there any charges for Home Internet welcome Packages?

No, the welcome packages are FREE and are provisioned to Home Internet new customers only"

  Can I transfer balance from my Home Internet Welcome pack to someone else?

No, a customer cannot transfer balance from the Home Internet welcome pack

  What is Samsung Smart TV?
  • TV + internet + apps = Smart TV,
  • Tv with internet and apps
  Can the router work with any Samsung TV?

No, the TV needs to be smart with internet enabled functionalities which allows to connect to Wi-Fi

  What is Samsung Smart TV & HBB service?

This is the service which gives customers FREE Mi-Fi or CPE when buy Samsung smart TV bundled with HBB service.

    1. Smart TV + 200K pack customer gets free Mi-Fi + 40GB valid for 30days, Smart TV + 350K pack customer gets free CPE + 85GB valid for 30days
    2. Customers to qualify for free routers upgrade they should be REGULAR users of 50K monthly packs, 90Days packs.
  Where can I buy and get this service?

You can buy this at any Samsung shop and get bundled with HBB service.

  What is the price of smart TV?

The price of smart TV depends on the size and type of the smart TV chosen by customer.

  Can I buy a Samsung smart TV without Mi-Fi or CPE only?

Yes, you can buy it.

  Can I buy a Mi-Fi or CPE without Samsung smart TV only?

Yes, you can buy it.

  Can I download any app in the Samsung smart TV?

Yes, you can download any app from smart TV store

Terms & Condition:

  1. Customers' to qualify for free routers upgrade they should be REGULAR users of 50K monthly packs, 90Days packs.
  2. Free routers apply to customers buying bundled products with Samsung Smart TV only
  3. Smart TV + 200K pack customer gets free Mi-Fi + 40GB valid for 30days, Smart TV + 350K pack customer gets free CPE + 85GB valid for 30days

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