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 International Money Transfers Campaign


Tigo Pesa is excited to launch International money transfer campaign to all our customers who will receive cash internationally and be awarded with cash bonus instantly to their Tigo Pesa wallet upon receipt of 100,000 TZS up to 5,000,000 TZS from other Countries.

This campaign will include customers who are receiving money internationally from more than 200 countries in the world through different Operators remitting money to Tigo Pesa.


  • Tigo Pesa customer will only be given bonus for a single international money receipt per day transaction from 100,000 TZS or above, any international remittance below 100,000 TZS will not be qualified for a bonus.
  • The promotion will run for the period of 61 days from 16th Nvember 2022
  • The bonus receipt ranges from 500 TZS to 2,500 TZS depending on the amount received by customers from other countries to their Tigo Pesa wallet.


IMT Frequently Asked Questions:

  How can ONE send money to Tanzania from Abroad ?

One can send money via (MTO’s) Money Transfer Operators (App or website) and (MNO’s) Mobile Network Operators (USSD or App), selects country (Tanzania) then selects mobile wallet transfer and chooses Tigo Pesa.  

  How many countries can Tigo Pesa customers receive money from?

Tigo Pesa customers can receive money from more than 200 Countries in the world; United States and European Countries included.

  How many countries can Tigo Pesa customer send to?

Currently Tigo Pesa customers can only send to East Africa and SADC countries.

  Are there any charges applicable to the receiver/beneficiary upon receipt?

No charges shall apply upon receipt of cash/money to your Tigo Pesa wallet

  How much can a customer receive per day from abroad?

Customer can receive up to 5 Million shillings  per day .

  How much can a customer receive per transaction from abroad?

Customer can receive up to 5 Million per transaction from abroad.

  Incase of service disruption and queries who should we contact?

Incase of service disruption and query resolution, please dial 100.

  How many times can a customer receive money from Abroad in a day?

Customer can receive as many times but not more than transaction limit per day (50 times) as long  as the balance limit of 5 Million has not been breached  and bonus can only be received once in a day if the transaction exceeds 100,000 TZS.

  Who is eligible to receive money from abroad through Tigo Pesa?

Any Tigo Pesa customer has receive money from abroad.

  How many times can a customer receive bonuses per day with IMT?

Customer can  receive bonus once per day if and only if the received transaction amount has exceeded 100,000 TZS.

  Which amount one must receive from abroad to be eligible to get bonuses?

Customer can receive bonus if the received amount equals or above 100,000 TZS.

  How many Money Transfer Operators (MTO’s) are connected with Tigo Pesa ?

Tigo Pesa is currently connected to more than (20) twenty MTO’s & MNO’s.

Terms & Condition:

  • The promotion is open to All Tigo Pesa customers that will receive money internationally.
  • Bonus will only be given once a day to a customer for any single international transaction that exceed 100,000 TZS.
  • Bonus will be paid instantly to customer’s Tigo Pesa Wallet.
  • To qualify for the Bonus customer’s Tigo Pesa number must be fully registered.
  • This promotion is valid for 61 days from the date of launch.
  • Any amount below TZS 100,000 received internationally will not be eligible for bonus.

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