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International Packages

International Packages

If you have friends, family or business interests overseas, then save big with these international packages.


ILD World Pack(7 Countries)

Price Minutes Validity
1,000 20 24 Hrs
3,000 70 7 Days
10,000 250 30 Days


India, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong


ILD Bundle - Africa Pack(16 Countries)

Price Minutes Validity
3,000 4 24 Hrs
5,000 8 7 Days
10,000 20 30 Days 


East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Mozambique, Burundi

Southern Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe

West Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast


ILD Bundle - Arabic Pack(7 Countries)

Price Minutes Validity
3,000 4 24 Hrs
5,000 8 7 Days
10,000 18 30 Days


UAE, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman



Call Category (Zones/Groups) Price (Tsh/Sec) Destinations
Group 1 9 China,India,USA,Canada
Group 2 17 Kenya, Angola,South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana ,Ghana, Ethiopia 
Group 3 13 Lebanon, Israel, Spain, UAE, UK Mobile, UK fixed
Group 4 15 Sweden, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Yemen, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Ireland
Group 5 23 Australia, Nepal, Turkey, Russia, Comoros, Uganda, Rwanda, France, Denmark, Italy, Oman, Germany
Group 6 42 Rest of the world
Group 7 42 Cuba, DRC, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Switzerland, Malawi, Zambia
Group 8 330 All satellite networks


All rates are tax inclusive.


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