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Internet FAQs

1. Daily Package Tsh. 99 only 

2. Weekly charges Tsh. 399 only

  • Dial * 148*01*4*02#.
  • Choose 00 to continue.
  • Press * account setting.
  • Then 1 to unsubscribe.
  • Good data volume at affordable rates
  • Night data package that allows a customer to use at night between 11pm to 5amin 2 nights
  • Subscription can be anytime of the day
  • Can be used in any mobile internet device
  • Our POS (Point Of Sale) can now sell data packages, with upfront commission as seen above
  • Balance Check is through *102*02#
  • Dial *148*00 #
  • Select number 5 "Vifurushi vya Internet"
  • Select number 1 under "Aina ya Vifurushi" for the Package you prefer.

4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a new network with high speed and higher quality internet. With 4G internet, you will have a more stable connection to the internet and get rid of the frustration of the internet buffering.

  • 4G has more applications that can be used on mobile devices without hiccups.
  • Faster real-time file sharing of large files and streaming media.
  •  Near-immediate delivery of time-sensitive data, such as for real-time interaction or transactions.

You will need to be in 4G/LTE  coverage area, 4G/LTE SIM card, Compatible device and have a 4G/LTE internet bundle in order to enjoy the service

Is a service with unique for mobile networks that supports high-speed real-time information exchange between subscriber and service application.

  • Dial *148*01# select Be Amused (Burudika) category then select Facebook to register.
  • A subscriber will be required to enter Facebook username example: email or phone number.
  • Also to enter password as to log in on his Facebook page on his phone.
  • Welcome to Facebook.
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