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 Lipa kwa Simu

Product Description:

Is a digital payment service from Tigo Pesa that enables any customer from any network in the country to make payment of goods/services in an easy, secure, and fast way.

Merchant will have codes and QR codes that will allow customers to pay by entering codes or scanning QR codes.

User Journey:


Tigo Pesa Menu

  1. Dial *150*01#
  2. Select 5 (Lipa kwa Simu)
  3. Select 1 (To Tigo Pesa)
  4. Enter Lipa Namba
  5. Enter amount
  6. Enter PIN to confirm.

Tigo Pesa APP

  1. Select Select Lipa Kwa Simu button
  2. Select scan merchant QR code or enter merchant code
  3. Enter amount
  4. Enter PIN to confirm


Tigo Pesa Menu

  1. Dial *150*01#
  2. Select 5 (Lipa kwa Simu)
  3. Select 4 (Business account)
  4. Select Tigo Pesa service that you want to use example send money, cash out

Tigo Pesa APP

  1. Open Tigo Pesa APP
  2. Select Merchant button
  3. Select Tigo Pesa service that you want to use example send money, cash out


Frequently Asked Questions:

  what is Lipa kwa simu?

Is a mobile money service that enables businesses to accept digital payments for sales of goods or services through mobile money wallets from all MNOs

This is a digital lifestyle merchant solution that simplifies life for both customers and merchants. LipaKwaSimu enables customers, from all networks to make payments of goods and services at registered Lipa Kwa Simu merchants. Customers can access this service from their Tigo Pesa Menu and the Tigo Pesa App. 

Merchants however must be registered to be able to receive mobile money payments

  How to become a Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant?

It’s free and very simple to become Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant for Business owners.

 This service caters to all types of businesses, micro, small, medium, and large businesses across different verticals

All you need is to be an active Tigo Pesa Customer with the below documents:

  • Normal Business (Shops, Saloon, Bar, Restaurants, Pharmacy, and Hardware)
    • Business License
    • TIN Number
  • For Companies
    • Business License
    • TIN Number
    • MEMART
    • Introduction Letter
  • For NGOs, Churches, and Mosque
    • Certificate of registration
    • Introduction Letter
  What is the difference between Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant and Wakala/Agent?

Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) is a digital solution that enables businesses to receive digital payments for the sale of goods and provision of services to valid transacting customers for ONLY

A Wakala/Agent is a Tigo Pesa partner whose role is to facilitate Cash IN and Cash OUT for customers.

 It is an offense to use Lipa Kwa Simu number for any other activity apart from receiving payments of goods and services for your business from customers.

  What are the benefits of Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant?

Below are Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant benefits:

  • It helps all merchants to accept digital payments which is a convenient and secured means of payments from all channels (USSD, App, and Web)
  • It helps merchants keep records of their transactions.
  • Merchants can formalize their financial statements and expose them to other financial services i.e., Loans, Insurance, and Savings.
  • Merchants can receive payments across all Tanzania networks
  • It’s easy to use and a more secure way to receive or make payments.
  • Free cash out for the first transaction of the day which is below 500,000 Tsh and the rest are charged at a discounted rate without levy (50% of the customer cash-out charge/s).
  • Customers can pay merchants at discounted fees without the levy.
  • Merchant can add more than one number to receive notifications (This means all collections will be managed centrally and cashiers will only receive payments notification) giving the owner flexibility in managing his business.
  • Auto sweep feature which allows merchants to schedule their bank transfer of all collected funds to any bank. They can schedule within a range of 6,12 or 24 hours or once a week

Free E-statement to Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant for the last month and previous month, TZS 1000 for the last 3 Months E-Statement, and TZS 1000 for the last 6 Months E-Statement.

  How many lines you can register for Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant

You can register a maximum of three (3) Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant.

 If you need more than 3 Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS), you need to consult Merchant Support Team through WhatsApp at 0677-333100.

  What is the maximum amount a customer can pay to Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant?

Limits are in line with the Regulatory requirement for mobile money transactions. Customers can pay Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant a maximum of 5M in a day. For a customer to be able to pay 5M to Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant he/she must have not performed any transaction on that day, otherwise, he/she pays less than 5M.

  Can LKS do cash out to Wakala/Agent?

Yes, they can cash out to any Wakala/agent at their convenience. They will get the 1st transaction of the day free and the subsequent transaction will be charged.

  Can LKS do a cash-in from Wakala/Agent?

No, merchants cannot do Cash IN from Wakala since it’s a business line where the source of funds should be from customers doing payments for goods/services.

  Can Vodacom/Halotel and Airtel pay to Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant

Vodacom: dial *150*00#, press 1 send money, 5 to other networks, 2 Tigo Pesa (Enter 7 digits), amount, PIN

Airtel: Dial *150*60# the 5 Lipa Bili, 1 Lipa Kwa Simu, 3 Lipa Kwa Tigo Pesa, amount, lipa namba (7 digits) enter PIN

 Halotel: Dial *150*88# 5 pay merchant, 5 Tigo Pesa merchants, enter lipa Namba, enter amount, enter PIN

  How can Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant access business accounts?

Merchants can access their business accounts simply by dialing *150*01# press number 5 Lipa Kwa Simu, then 4 business account or on the merchant tab on Tigo Pesa App. Its very simple and convenient

  Can Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant send money to the bank?

Yes, they can by selecting bank transfer in their business account

  Can Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant send money to other networks?

Yes, they can send money to other networks using the Send Money Option in their Tigo Pesa Menu and Tigo Pesa APP

  Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant balance limit

Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant balance limit will depend on the size and registration level of your business:

  • Companies and NGOs – 50M
  • Normal individual Businesses– 30M
  • Small Household businesses– 10M
  • Petty Businesses– 1M
  Can I access Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) Merchant through Web Portal?

Yes, you can also access Lipa Kwa Simu (LKS) business account through the Web Portal.

Terms & Condition:



This product can be used by any customer from any Mobile Network operator. 

Payments charges for customers from other networks are subjected to the discretion of the issuer 

Customers are eligible to pay amounts based on the standard limits (Not more than 5M per day) 

Tigo will not take part in any agreement between a merchant and customer.





TIN Certificate

Valid Business license 

Tigo Sim card



TIN certificate

Business License 

Tigo Sim card

memorandum and article of association

Introduction letter



Valid Machinga ID/NIDA ID

Tigo Sim card


Lipa Kwa Simu payment platform is for receiving payments of goods and services through mobile phones and should not be used for retail agent business

Its prohibited for a merchant to charge a customer any additional fee when paying through this payment solution

Lipa Kwa Simu registration is FREE

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