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Patapata Game Description:

Patapata is a pick 1 game based on choosing a single box from 6 boxes. When Players enter, they can either choose their numbers or a random selection that will be generated by the system. Players can bet a fixed amount of 300 Tsh. The game will run for a period of 365 days and will automatically carry on depending on customer’s uptake after the mentioned period.

Draw/ Pick


Instant Prizes


Instant Prizes


Instant Prizes

10,000/ 50,000/ 100,000


500,000/ 5,000,000

All PataPata players have 3 chances of winning:

  • Instant Prizes 2,000,5,000,10,000,50,000,100,000.
  • Weekly Jackpots 1,000,000
  • Monthly Jackpots 10,000,000

The Network Ltd. will on occasion run additional and/or bonus prize draws and jackpots at its discretion. Information relating to such draws will be made available on the Site when relevant. Such draws and jackpots may be subject to additional game specific rules, terms, and conditions.


Patapata Game How to Play?  

Players can enter the Pick Game by using their Tigo Pesa Account through betting by pressing *150*01# then select number 4 then number 7 then number 1 and choose 1 box between 6 boxes to win

To bet via TigoPesa, a Player must play a fixed stake of TZS 300

  1. Payment of Prizes
    • Prizes ranging in value from ‘TZS1000 to less than TZS5,000,000’: Prizes and other winnings from Games in this category will automatically be deposited into Your Tigo Pesa Account.
    • Prizes of values of ‘TZS5,000,000’ and more: Prizes and other winnings in the amount of TZS5,000,000 and more from games that are purchased via Tigo Pesa account or played on the Website must be claimed in person at The Network Ltd.'s Office by the Player to whom the Ticket was issued. Further information can be obtained by contacting The Network Ltd.'s Customer Service Centre at 0659 070 070. You acknowledge and agree that You will be required to comply with all The Network Ltd. prize claim requirements, including the confirmations of Your identity and entitlement to the prize, to The Network Ltd.'s satisfaction, at its sole and absolute discretion. You will be required to provide a form of valid government-issued photo identification and any other information that The Network Ltd. may require to confirm Your eligibility for a prize.
  2. The Network Ltd. reserves the right to
    • Pay Prizes by cheque, bank transfer, direct credit, or Tigo Pesa. If payment is made for Prizes of TZS5,000,000 or less, this will be deposited (at Your own cost) to you Tigo Pesa Account registered to Your Account or any other account agreed between The Network Ltd. and You
    • Ask You to attend The Network Ltd.’s Office to claim Your Prize
    • Withhold a Prize, providing it is acting reasonably, until it is entirely satisfied that a Bet is valid and that the claim has been made in good faith
    • Withhold a Prize (or seek or recover a Prize already paid) until all appropriate checks and enquiries have been carried out, if in its discretion it believes, on reasonable grounds, that You (as the person claiming a Prize) are: not lawfully entitled to receipt of a Prize; or that a Prize has been paid to You in circumstances where The Network Ltd. decides (in line with Rule 11.1) that the Bet is invalid or defective; or where there is any other reason for The Network Ltd. (acting reasonably) to question Your entitlement to the Prize. Any checks and enquiries will be carried out promptly by The Network Ltd. You shall repay immediately upon demand any Prize the Network Ltd. seeks to recover
    • Recover a Prize incorrectly paid into Your Account
    • Request proof of entitlement to a Prize (including, without limitation, Identification Information, proof of identity and capacity to claim)
    • Refuse to pay a Prize If You are unable or fail to produce sufficient Identification Information when claiming a Prize
    • Photograph anyone claiming a Prize for The Network Ltd.’s records
    • Request a court to decide to whom a Prize should be paid and/or make a payment to the court
    • Refuse to pay a prize if You refuse to sign all the documentation required by the Insurance Underwriters
  3. The right to a Prize is not transferable.
  4. The Network Ltd. will not be responsible or liable to any person claiming a Prize which has been paid to a person who assumed the identity of the relevant Account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  How many times can I play?

You can play as many times as you can but make sure to play responsibly

  Can I get your customer service number

You can reach us via our customer service number 0659070070

  How much do I need to play Patapata?

The betting amount for Patapata is 300 Tzs only

  What the secret behind winning Patapata?

The secret behind winning is making sure you select your box wisely and carefully

  I have won but I haven’t received my winnings

We are currently experiencing technical problems with our payment system, you will receive your payment within 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this problem might have caused you

  Why you only have winners from specific regions

Winning Patapata does not favor specific regions, winning relies entirely  on your box selection and Luck, for Jackpot every participant has an equal chance of winning

  How are Patapata draws scheduled?

Normal draws are scheduled instantly as for Jackpot there are daily and monthly Jackpots

  How do you play Patapata?

To participate in PataPata game you go to your Tigo Pesa payment menu then select pay bills, then number 7 games, then number 1 PataPata, then press 1 enter the box number you want between 1-6 then enter the amount Tsh 300. After that you will get instant answers and if you win, your money will be credited to your patapata account and you can transfer it to your Tigo Pesa account.

  How many tickets do I need to enter the daily and monthly jackpots?

Every single ticket gives you an entry to either of the two jackpots whereby the random system generator will select few numbers out many numbers that  played the whole day for ( daily Jackpots) while monthly jackpots will include all numbers that played for whole month then select few numbers to be potential winners. The selected winners will then be called and receive instructions on how to participate in the Jackpot

  I have played for quite sometime without winning why?

Winning depends on how you select your box as for Jackpot winning depends on your luck, to increase your chances of winning play as much as you can

  In case I have won the 10M Jackpot will I receive the full amount via my mobile account?

No you will receive the initial 1M via a mobile transfer and the rest of the money will be paid via bank balance

  Is it a must to be published when I win?

Yes publishing your information is one of the terms and conditions of our game  to make sure that our players know that this game is true and people are really winning and are not staged. This aims at building trust between customers and Patapata as a brand

International Money Transfer Terms and Conditions:

  • The promotion is open to All Tigo Pesa customers that will receive money internationally.
  • Bonus will only be given once a day to a customer for any single international transaction that exceed 100,000 TZS.
  • Bonus will be paid instantly to customer’s Tigo Pesa Wallet.
  • To qualify for the Bonus customer’s Tigo Pesa number must be fully registered.
  • Any amount below Tsh 100,000 received internationally will not be eligible for bonus.

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