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Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go

1. Local SMS without a bundle will be charged Tsh.15 per SMS to any network

2. Data browsing without a bundle will be charged Tsh 8 per MB

3. All calls without a bundle will be charged Tsh 0.5 per second 

* All charges are Tax Inclusive.

On demand usage:

On demand usage refers to the use of Internet services without an active Internet pack/bundle

All Customers by default are on off-demand for data/Internet services. That is, a customer cannot access or use internet services when a pack/bundle is exhausted or when a customer does not have an active Internet pack/bundle. This prevents the customer not to use airtime/reload balance without his/her consent.

Good news is that Customers are now given an option to choose to Start on demand usage for Internet services or Stop on-demand usage when on-demand usage is activated from our USSD Menu *147*00#.


What does Start on-demand on USSD mean?

Since all customers by default are on off-demand for Internet services, a Customer can now choose to activate on-demand usage from our USSD Menu *147*00# to be able to use Internet services when the Internet pack/bundle is exhausted or when a customer does not have an active Internet pack. The charging for on-demand will be made from customer’s normal airtime balance.


How to Start on-demand usage from USSD Menu *147*00#

Customer dials *147*00# --> Option 9 --> Option 5 --> Then select 2 Stop / Start on-demand


What does Stop on-demand on USSD mean?

When a customer chooses to Start (Accept) on-demand usage for Internet services from our USSD Menu, a customer can still go back to our USSD Menu *147*00# to Stop the on-demand usage i.e not allow use of airtime balance when the Internet pack is exhausted.


How to Stop on-demand usage from USSD Menu *147*00#

Customer dials *147*00# --> Option 9 --> Option 5 --> Then select 2 Stop / Start on-demand




Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is Tigo Pesa corporate solution?

Tigo Pesa Corporate Solution is an integrated digital platform that enables you to manage bulk payment transactions whether collection or disbursement of funds.

It is simple, friendly, secured and interconnected.

  What can Tigo Pesa collection account do?

Tigo Pesa collection enables a Tigo Pesa corporate customer to receive mobile payments from customers.

The Collected cash sits with your collection account and can be accessible for transfer to your preferred Bank account or managed for other activities within Tigo Pesa ecosystem

  What can a Tigo Pesa Disbursement account do?

Bulk Disbursement enables Tigo Pesa corporate customer to disburse funds to beneficiaries or manage payment of other expenses like allowances to employees, contractors, suppliers and any scheduled payment as required. The disbursement can be done to all networks straight into the customer wallets and to the bank.

  Is there a need for a company to go at the bank to collect money?

No there is no need for a company to go to bank to collect money since a company can have access to the money anytime

  How can a customer pay for the product and services that a company provides?

A customer can do payment through a pay bill number with 6 digits xxxxxx

Steps: dial *150*01# ok then choose no,4payment, chose 3, enter business number, enter amount, enter reference and then pin to confirm

  How is the company Charged for the service

For collection account there two modes of charges a) % mode where company bearings charges, b) Customer is the one charged

For Bulkpay; there is IOP charges where company is being charged for sending money to ex-net subscribers

  What is the limit for receiving and sending limit

No Limit collecting funds into the collection account, however Bulkpay the subscriber who is the end receiver has a limit based on the regulation

  Can I cash out through tigopesa wakala

No, you can request funds via bank or send it to bulkpay account

  Can a wrong transaction be re-corrected when wrong payment is made to a wrong beneficiary?

Definitely a company should write an email indicating transaction ID, amount transacted and number of a customer to whom wrong transaction has been performed and date of that transaction

  What are the benefit of Tigo Pesa Collection account?
  • Secure & ease of payment for customers;
  • Real time collection;
  • Web based access for monitoring collected money;
  • End of the day email automated reports;
  • Increases transaction efficiency;
  • Real time reconciliation & quick settlement
  What are the benefits of Tigo Pesa Disbursement account?
  • Disburse funds to beneficiaries by scheduling payment through our Bulk pay portal;
  • Disburse to all mobile money operators and/or bank;
  • Reduces reliance on the availability of banks and ATMs in rural locations;
  • Manage disbursement with maker-checker authentication;
  • Greatly reduces risk of transporting and dispensing cash;
  • Reduces payment administration costs; 
  • Maintains proof of payment; and
  • Customer name confirmation before payment are sent out.
  What nature of a business can Tigo Pesa Corporate solution serve?
  • Tigo Pesa Corporate solution can serve both large and small businesses, below is the some of institution that Tigo Pesa Corporate solution can serve
  • NGOs
  • Health and Education
  • FMCGs, Distributor & Retailors
  • Online Business
  • Religious Institutions
  • Schools
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture and Food Supply Chain
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Mining
  What are the requirements for a company to open a Tigo Pesa Corporate Collection Account?
  • A company is supposed to be having the below documents
  • TIN number
  • Business License
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • VAT registration
  • Directors ID and work permit
  • Bank Details
  • Current audited financial statement
  • Resolution of the board of Directors or power of Attorney granted to its Manager, officer or employees to transact on its behalf
  Are there any charges when needs to integrate with Tigo Pesa Platform?

Tigo Pesa integration service is offered free of charge to all corporate customers.

  How does USSD PUSH service works?

It's one of the online collection services whereby a customer’s select Tigo Pesa as a payment option in a merchant website or app, he/she will receive a pop-up message prompt to enter his Tigo Pesa PIN to complete a transaction.

  Is it possible to transfer funds from one wallet to another?

  Yes, corporate customers are able to send fund from one wallet to another I.e. collection to disbursement, collection to another collection wallet

  Is it possible for a disbursement wallet send to other MNO and what charges will be involved.

Yes, Disburse to Tigo subscribers is free, other MNO biller will be charged.

  What is the use of VPN.

    Virtual Private Networks, allow users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. Much like a firewall protects your data on your computer, VPNs protect it online.

  How long it takes for a collected funds to be accessible for reimbursement.

 Collected funds settles every end of the day, thus will be accessible the next day. 

Terms & Condition:

These terms and conditions are issued by MIC Tanzania Limited and shall apply to all MIC Subscribers and or Customers of Collection and Disbursement Services provided by MIC through its mobile financial services (‘’Tigo Pesa’’). 



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