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 Prevent and Report Mobile Money Fraud

When you encounter or suspect fraud, please let us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately, mobile money is sometimes used by scam artists and criminals. Tigo has zero tolerance for fraud. To ensure our customers remain safe and protected, we will blacklist and block accounts connected to fraud and report fraudsters to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.  To do this, we need your help. Report fraud by dialing 100, or use the simple form below.

10 Tips to Avoid Mobile Money Fraud 

1.       Change your Tigo Pesa PIN regularly.

2.       Never share or disclose your PIN, personal or financial information to anyone, even if they claim to be a representative of Tigo. 

          a.   Tigo will NEVER ask for your PIN, it’s yours and yours alone.

3.       If your Tigo Pesa account is linked to other financial products like simbanking, use a separate PIN for each to minimize exposure risk.

4.       Always validate the recipient number and name displayed before entering your PIN for transaction confirmation.

5.       When making a payment on behalf of someone else, it is safer to receive the instructions in-person and not via SMS or email.

6.       It is safest to transact with people and businesses you know and trust. 

7.       When transacting with a stranger or unknown business: Do not pay in advance, pay after you have received and inspected the product or service you are buying.

8.       Never pay to apply for a job or a loan. 

          a.   If the job or loan application requires a payment, it is probably a scam. 

          b.   Confirm the charge is genuine with a proven official from the organization before proceeding with the payment. 

9.       Most importantly, always use your own good sense, and follow your instincts.

          a.   If something seems too good to be true, ask a lot of questions and proceed with great caution. 

          b.   Do not make a payment until you are 100% comfortable the transaction is genuine.

10.     In the event you transact and realize its fraud, dial 100 immediately to block the transaction before its withdrawn.

Report Fraud


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