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Sherehekea Pesa na Tigo Pesa:

“Sherehekea Pesa na Tigo Pesa” is a new promotion that is part of our 10-year anniversary campaign where 10 subscribers will be winning TSh 1M every week for 10 weeks and 10 grand winners getting TSh 10M each when they do Tigo Pesa transactions.

The promotion is going to be a Raffle based one where each customer doing the below mentioned activities will have a chance to win cash prizes.

  • Through Receiving money from the bank
  • Through receiving money from other networks
  • Through receiving money from other countries
  • P2P
  • Merchant Payments
  • Bill payments

Frequently Asked Questions:

  How do I enter weekly draw?

Perform any of these Tigo Pesa transactions Pay bills or do merchant payments, Bank to wallet, send money to a registered  Tigo Pesa subscriber, receive money from any network, receive money from other countries during the respective week between (Monday 00:00hrs –Sunday 23:59hrs)  but if you have won a weekly draw you will not stand a chance to win again in another weekly draw. However, you will stand a chance for the Grand draw.

  How many winners for the weekly draw?

There will be 10 weekly winners every week throughout the course of the promotion. The Promotion will last for 10 weeks.

  How do I increase my chances of winning?

Customers must do transactions like, pay bills, do merchant payments Bank to wallet, send money to a registered Tigo Pesa subscriber, receive money from any network or Receive money from other countries, to qualify to enter the draw. The more transactions the customers do, the more chances they get.

  How do I participate in the grand prize draw?

Perform any transaction during the whole promotion period and you will stand chances to enter the grand draw.

  How many chances do I need to qualify to enter a draw?

Every qualifying transaction is recognized as a chance to enter the draw.

  How many winners do we expect?

We expect a total of 110 winners in 70 days.

  What are the Prizes to be won?

Customers will stand a chance to win :

            (i)  Ten (10) customers win one million (TSh 1,000,000) every week                       

            (ii) Ten (10) customers win Ten million (TSh 10,000,000) Grand prize at the end of the promotion

  How do I collect my prize?

Prizes will be sent to winner phone number via Tigo pesa once customer number and details are validated

  How frequent are we running the raffle draws?

The draws will be running once a week for 10 weeks

  How will I be notified as a winner?

Tigo officials will call all drawn winners to notify them of their winning and how to collect their prizes.

  Where can I get information about the promotion?

Contact our Call center 100, Visit any of the Tigo shop nearest to you or visit our website.

  Where can I get the terms and conditions of the promotion?

Visit Tigo website for terms and conditions of the promotion.

Miaka 10 na Tigo Pesa Terms and Conditions:

  • This Promotion is open to all Tigo Pesa customers
  • Transactions that qualify a customer to enter the draw are as follows
    • Through Receiving money from the bank
    • Through receiving money from other networks
    • Through receiving money from other countries
    • P2P
    • Merchant Payments
    • Bill payments
  • Customers who win once in weekly draw will not be eligible to win again and pulled out from the list until the Grand Draw.
  • Names of the winners of 1 Million, and grand prize of 10 Million will be published in selected newspapers and electronic media.
  • The call to the winning number for weekly and Grand draws, drawn from a list of numbers eligible for winning shall be done by Tigo representative in the presence of the Gaming Board representative. The winning person must answer the call and shall be consulted on the customer information (name and identity number). If this person does not answer or if his/her phone is turned off, another drawing shall be made until there is a winner and the winner’s information is confirmed.
  • Winner shall present his Identification that was used to register his number before receiving the prize which is ,national ID
  • The Winner authorizes Tigo to publish his/her personal information, addresses, images and voices, for advertising in the media and forms that Tigo has at its disposal, with no right to compensation whatsoever for the duration of the campaign and up to 365 days after its completion.
  • If the winner could not be reached by telephone at the time of conducting the draw, or the winner does not accept these terms and conditions, or if the winner, once located by telephone, does not collect the prize within 90 days, the prize will be declared vacant, and the first substitute winner shall be called.
  • Participation in this promotion shall imply expressed consent for public disclosure, transmission, retransmission, reproduction or publication of the filming, photographs, images and/or voice and/or personal data of the Winner, in particular, in all and any means of communication (visual, audio or others including television presentations through air, antenna, cable, satellite, radio, Internet, etc.) for any purpose during the validity of the promotion and up to one (1) year after completion; the participant is not entitled to claim any damages or compensation whatsoever.
  • The participants recognize that participation in this campaign does not cause any property damage, therefore, waive any claims that may be committed by decrease in revenue, either by subscribing to the services listed above or by transfer of related rights.
  • Being part of this campaign implies the knowledge and acceptance of all the rules set forth in the terms and conditions of the campaign , any statement that under this campaign is generated between the participant and Tigo shall be governed and shall be compliant in total subjection with the laws of Tanzania.
  • The promotion will start from 8th March and ends on 16th May.

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