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 Soka la afrika

SOKA la AFRIKA is a trivia-based promotion aimed at rewarding Tigo customers with amazing prizes. The campaign is designed to leverage on African Football tournament (AFCON) in Egypt taking place from June 21st, 2019.

SOKA la AFRICA is season 5 of SOKA football trivia which is an existing service. SOKA is being revamped to offer ticket to watch African tournament and Jerseys in addition to existing cash prizes.

A subscriber will be invited to participate through SMS, Portal or USSD and for each question answered points will be rewarded. The more the questions answered the more the points and the more the chances a subscriber stands of winning a PRIZE

Participation Mechanics:

Subscription to the service will be through below Channels

Portal- Visit

SMS- Send word SOKA to 15670

USSD *147*00# & *148*00# choose SOKA la AFRICA

A seeding SMS will be sent to subscriber inviting them to participate, each SMS replied will be charged 99Tsh and each correct answer earns 100 points and incorrect earns 25 points.

Prizes to be WON

Tsh 10,000,000 every month

Tsh 1,000,000 every week

Tsh 100,000 every day

Ticket to Egypt to watch TAIFA STARS Match- 10 winners

Jerseys- 130 Jersey

Terms & Conditions

This promotion is open to All Tigo prepaid subscribers only

Duration of the competition: 4th June 2019 to 5th August 2019.

Every Customer who subscribes to SOKA la AFRIKA service will accumulate points by responding to football trivia quiz and at the end of period the participant with highest points wins. For each trivia SMS question answered, a subscriber will be charged 99Tsh/SMS.

Gaming Tax payable to TRA is applicable. 20% from 1st July 2018 onwards on all CASH PRIZES.

Subscribers winning trips to Egypt must have a valid Tanzanian Passport and to be submitted to Tigo within 7 days for visa approvals

In case of failure to secure passport or visa refusal for the winner, next randomly drawn number will be picked as winner replacement.

Tigo will assist all winners of the trips to Egypt with an Introduction Letter declaring their winning to assist in securing the necessary documentation for the trip but approval for passport and or VISA is subject to relevant authorities.

The prizes of this promotion cannot be interchanged, exchanged or passed on to another person.

The winner of any prize will have to produce relevant recognized national identification but not limited to (NIDA card, Voter’s ID, Driving License) before being acknowledged as a valid winner.

A subscriber can ONLY win a particular prize ONLY ONCE. That is if a subscriber wins a particular category such as weekly prize in week 1 he/she will not be eligible to win a weekly prize again in the coming weeks.

Winning subscribers who were not reachable by telephone or who did not answer their phone 3 times will not have a right to claim a prize.

Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age and above to participate

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