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How to Subscribe to Tigo Games

Go to how-to-subscribe-to-tigo-games and follow the simple instructions.


How to Subscribe to Magic Voice

Magic Voice is a whole lot of fun.  Play jokes on friends and family by electronically altering your voice to sound like someone else, or change the mood and background noises of the call to make it sound like you are calling from some place more interesting.  Sound like fun to you?

Tax Inclusive Rates – Magic Voice:

  • Per 15 minute episode = TZS 10.
  • Per 15 minute episode = TZS 30.
  • Per 15 minute episode = TZS 99.

Dial 0 901 656 565 and follow the simple instructions.


How to Subscribe to Story Box

We all love a great story. From thrillers and love stories to educational and historical stories, Story Box has something for everyone. 

You can subscribe to stories and get new episodes daily, or buy the entire story and listen to episodes at your own convenience. 

Tax Inclusive Rates – Story Box

  • Per 5 minute episode = TZS 50.
  • Per 10 minute episode = TZS 100.
  • Per 15 minute episode = TZS 150.
  • Per story = TZS 1,200 by Tigo Pesa or TZS 1,300 from your main balance.

Browse, buy and get access to great storytelling today.

Dial 0 901 656 564 and follow the simple instructions. 


How to Subscribe to Ring Back Tones - Tigo Beatz

IVR - Dial 15050 or 15007 anytime to listen, buy and set up Tigo Beatz.


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