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 Supa Nyota

Terms and Conditions

Super Nyota

a. Duration of the competition: 29th Sep 2018 to 24th Nov 2018.

b. This promotion is open to All Tigo prepaid subscribers only.

c. Every Customer who records the song to participate in Supanyota service will require to seek votes to contest Supanyota. Top performer will be qualified for Supanyota audition for each region Fiesta event will be performed. For each song recorded for the audition will be charged 100Tsh and for each VOTE customer will be charged 50Tsh.


• Selection is based on the Votes on the recorded song.

• There will be one winner in Each Fiesta Region. Voting lines are open till the each fiesta event night. For new Fiesta Supanyota event Region, users will have to record new song and seek votes for their song.

• Winner selection and notification will be done in the presence of Tigo and Cloud FM Tanzania judges.

• All the participants for the “SUPANYOTA - FIESTA-Star” qualifying round will be selected based on the highest number of votes received for their song. The customer with the highest votes will be called for SUPANYOTA final round at the Fiesta Event Region as per Fiesta Calendar mentioned on or

Participation and Voting Channels:


a. User can record the song by dialing IVR 0901656568 and after language selection, user can follow the prompts, by pressing 1 he will be asked to record the song. User will get Unique Song ID which he can share with friends and family to get the Votes.

b. Friends and Family can vote song by dialing IVR 0901656568 and after language selection, user can follow the prompts instructions, by pressing 3, they will have option for Audition Voting and they will have to enter Song ID.


a. Customer can also record the song by visiting, and go to menu SUPANYOTA and Click on “Kurekodi Wimbo Wako”, after recording he can post the song on Portal and he can see his song inside Kurekodi Menu, user will also get Unique song ID to promote and share his song with friends and family to seek votes from them.

b. User can record multiple songs.

c. Friends and Family can vote to any song on Portal inside SUPANYOTA menu.

d. Friends and Family can comment on any song and share the song on social media.


a. Friends and Family can vote song by sending sms VOTE SongID to 15571 [i.e. send sms -> VOTE 22334]

More Information:

a. The more a subscriber votes to the song the more the votes gets accumulated and the likelihood of getting selected for participation qualification.

b. Each event will have one Winner and all winner will be invited for event of Supanyota in Dar Es Salaam in the last event and Final Supanyota will be judged by Tigo and Clouds Media Judges after listing the live performance.

c. There is no audition listening charges and there is no charges on leaving comment on song.

d. Tigo will remain with the prize of a winner who at the time of winning does not claim it for a period of three (3) months after which the winner will no longer have claim to the prize and hence considered forfeited.

e. By participating and winning, winner gives rights to Tigo to use winner information be it but not limited to voice, picture or video testimonials for publication in media for the full duration of promotion.

f. The names of the winners will be published in a newspaper and media outlets

g. Telcovas and Cloud and Tigo employees and their families are not eligible to participate in this promotion

h. The promotion is open to Tanzania residents only.

i. Names of the winners will be mentioned on selected electronic media and printed on selected newspapers.

j. Tigo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time.

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