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Tigo Pesa Kibubu - Terms and Conditions


  1. Each customer on the same MSISDN (Number), will have a secondary wallet in addition to the primary wallet which they are using for normal financial transactions at no additional cost or process.
  2. The current wallet will remain as the Main Wallet which will be used for normal Tigo Pesa transactions as it is currently, there is no change to current wallet usage.
  3. The secondary wallet will be the customer’s digital saving wallet. (Tigo Pesa Kibubu)
  4. The Kibubu wallet will only be used to keep the funds that the customer intends to lock away for the period of their choice AND it will not be possible to perform normal financial transactions from this wallet except putting money in and taking money out.
  5. Funds will be put into the Tigo Pesa Kibubu wallet ONLY by moving it from the main wallet and funds will be taken out of the Tigo Pesa Kibubu wallet ONLY by moving it first to the main wallet.
  6. The same balance and transactional limits for the main wallet will apply to the Tigo Pesa Kibubu wallet (which depends on the customer KYC) in line with the regulatory requirements.
  7. Funds in the Tigo Pesa Kibubu will earn return according to the amount and time they have saved.
  8. Customers will be able to save any amount into the Tigo Pesa Kibubu and will also be able to withdraw all or any amount from the Tigo Pesa Kibubu from and into the main Tigo Pesa wallet respectively at their convenience.
  9. Tigo will apply service charges on the normal Tigo Pesa wallet, while allowing for FREE transactions to and from the Kibubu wallet. Shall any charges arise they will be clearly displayed to the customer before using the product and the service charges will be shared with the BoT ahead of the launch or prior to change.
  10. Customer earned Returns shall be paid directly to their Tigo Pesa Main Wallet monthly at such rate as may be determined by the Bank & Tigo Pesa.
  11. Up to 7% annual interest is accrued daily and paid monthly.
  12. Daily return rate is calculated by dividing the annual return rate by 365 days. Your return calculation is based on the amount of money you have in your Tigo Pesa Kibubu at the end of each day.
  13. Monthly return payment is summation of all daily returns for that month, paid directly to your main Tigo Pesa Wallet.
  14. The money saved into your Tigo Pesa Kibubu, will start earning return on the same day, provided it was saved before that day cut off time on that day, but it also will not earn returns on the day you take it out, saving done on weekend or public holiday. Cut-off time is daily at 1400hrs (This is subjected to change, depending to the terms and conditions of business operation). Any saving done after cut-off time will start earning return on the next day. 

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