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 Tigo Beatz

Express yourself with Tigo Beatz! Use Ringback Tones to personalize the waiting tone your caller hears when they call you. Instead of the boring standard ring sound, treat your callers to your favorite song. Tigo Beatz offers hundreds of Ringback Tones for you to choose from.

How to get Tigo Beatz:

1.       IVR - Dial 15050 or 15007 anytime to listen, buy and set up Tigo Beatz.

2.       Send corresponding letters to15050, Example Send: CW to15050

Tax Inclusive Rates – Tigo Beatz

1.       There is no daily fee for Tigo Beatz.

2.       Calling IVR through 15007 or 15050 is TZS 50 for every 5 minutes.

3.       Downloading costs TZS 150 for any number of songs per week.

To Unsubscribe from Tigo Beatz

1.       Send “ONDOA” or “STOP” to 15007 or 15050, or 

2.       Dial 15007 or 15050 and follow the simple unsubscribe instructions 


Tigo Beatz - Top 10


Artist: Rosa Ree

Song: Up In The Air

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: WM


Artist: Foby

Song: Ila

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: WX


Artist: Bright ft Nandy

Song: Umebadilika

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: WY


Artist: Paul Clement

Song: Amenifanyia Amani

Genre: Gospel

Song Code: BD


Artist: Darassa

Song: Muziki

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: VA


Artist: Chidinma

Song: Fallen in Love

Genre: Nigeria

Song Code: YB


Artist: Barnaba

Song: Lonely

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: FH


Artist: Chemical ftCentano

Song: Queen of Dar es Salaam

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: MB


Artist: Timbulo

Song: Mfuasi

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: VC


Artist: Maua Sama

Song: Main Chick

Genre: Bongo Flava

Song Code: PC



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