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 Tigo Kandanda

Tigo Kandanda:

KANDANDA is a trivia-based promotion aimed at rewarding Tigo customers with amazing prizes. The campaign is designed to leverage on general knowledge to football content.

A subscriber will be invited to participate through SMS and for each question answered points will be rewarded. The more the questions answered the more the points and the more the chances a subscriber stands of winning a PRIZE

Participation Mechanics:

Subscription to the service will be through below Channel

  1. SMS- Send word KANDANDA to 15713

A seeding SMS will be sent to subscriber inviting them to participate, each SMS replied will be charged 100Tsh and each correct answer earns 100 points and incorrect earns 50 points.

Prizes to be WON:

Winners will get cash prizes, devices and etc

Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is Tigo Kandanda?

KANDANDA is a trivia-based promotion aimed at rewarding Tigo customers with amazing prizes. The campaign is designed to leverage on general knowledge to football content.

  What are the prizes for this service?

Daily cash prize of 100,000Tsh, Weekly cash prize of 500,000Tsh, Monthly cash prize of 1,000,000, Smartphone, Shopping Voucher and  Grand Prize of 18,000,000Tsh. Shopping voucher is worth 500,000 and Smartphone worth 350,000

  How do I participate in this service?

Send KANDANDA to 15713, you will receive a message inviting you to participate

  What are prizes categories for the draw?

There are three categories which are daily prizes, weekly prizes, monthly  prizes and Grand Prize

  Will I incur extra costs for participating in this promotion?

Yes, it costs 100Tsh to any question replied in the Trivia

  Who is eligible to this promotion?

This promotion is open to all Tigo prepaid and hybrid subscribers.

  How do I know I have won?

Tigo will call all winners to notify them of their winnings and how to collect their prizes

  I am not 18 yet, can I participate?

This promotion is open to subscribers who are 18 years and above.

  I am a hybrid / postpaid customer can I participate?

Postpaid customer cannot participate to this. If you are hybrid customer, you are eligible to participate.

  If I win is my prize subject to taxation? Who pays the taxes?

Cash prize is subjected to 20% on winnings. This amount is paid by the customer who won.

  What if I win, and I don’t have transport fare to come collect my prize? What happens to my prize?

Tigo representative will contact you and see the possibilities of reaching you with our region representatives.

  What happens if I win and don’t come to collect my prize?

As per the terms and conditions, Tigo will remain with your prize for 90 days and if not, it will be invalid.

  What are the terms and conditions for this promotion? Where can I find them?

The terms and conditions are available at Tigo Website (www.tigo.co.tz)

  What happens if I am in the regions and I win? How do I get my prize? Will I have to come to Tigo HQ Dar?

If you are in the regions, Tigo will arrange with regional representative to reach you.

  I am not a Tanzanian, can I participate and win prizes?

This promotion is open to Tanzanians only.

  Where can I get assistance/send my inquires?

You can call 100, visit any Tigo shop or visit our website (www.tigo.co.tz)

  What if I win in the draw, and I want to remain anonymous?

You cannot remain anonymous, the names of all the draw winners will be mentioned on selected electronic media and printed on selected newspapers.

  What if I win, but I am not reachable at the time of the draw?

Winning users who are not reachable by telephone or who do not answer their phone 3 times will be disqualified as winners and will not have the right to claim a prize. In such an event the user with the second highest points shall be contacted and if reached declared as winner.

Terms & Condition:

  • Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age and above to participate
  • Gaming Tax payable to TRA is applicable 20% from 1st July 2019 onwards on all CASH PRIZES.
  • Trivia CPs and Tigo employees and their families are not eligible to participate in this promotion
  • Subscription to the service is FREE. Upon subscription, customer will start receiving content related questions of subscription.Questions will not be charged until the person answers the question.
  • After subscription, a customer has given a consent and will receive the enticement message about services.
  • By participating and accepting a prize a winner gives rights to Tigo to use winner information be it but not limited to voice, picture, or video testimonials for the purpose of publication in media for the full duration of promotion.
  • Names of the winners will be mentioned on selected electronic media and printed on selected newspapers.
  • The customer’s number must be Biometrically Registered to be eligible for this service.
  • The promotion is open to Tanzania residents only.
  • Tigo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time by giving a notice of such intent to the Gaming Board of Tanzania.
  • The customer should read and understand the terms and conditions of this promotion and if he/she does not understand he/she should dial 100 to speak to a Tigo representative or visit any Tigo shop nearby.
    By participating in this promotion, the customer confirms that he/she has read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of this promotion.

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