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 Tigo Kinara Packs

Tigo Kinara Packs

As part of Tigo’s commitment to provide first class service with a personalized touch to the most valued customers Tigo has introduced Tigo Kinara program.
Tigo Kinara is a life-style driven service that delivers a superior customer experience, lifestyle benefits and an exeptional range of product and service offers.
Tigo Kinara is also a program that provides special benefits with a number of local companies and service provider.

Tigo Pesa
  • Enjoy the convinience of shopping at the biggest network of merchants in Tanzania
  • World class customer experience with Tigo pesa Self-care app including auto reversal and Master pass payment service
  • Easily manage a full range of financial transactions while enjoying Tigo Pesa's exclusive offers
Tigo Internet
  • Enjoy The biggest 4G+ network in the country with the best and most reliable digital experience
  • Download large file in no time at all, stream music videos or HD movies with Tigo 4G+ network
  • Buy smartphone and routers from Tigo and receive extra
Special Service
  • Rollover your unused allowances when you buy Tigo Kinara Pakages
  • Prioritized customer experience when contacting Tigo Call center and shops
  • Enjoy special benefits from Tigo patners such as free Uber rides and discounts in restourants, hotels and airlines.

Tigo Kinara Weekly Packs

Weekly Packs

Price Data All Net SMS Action
10,000 6 GB 550 Min 100 Buy now
15,000 10 GB 950 Min 100 Buy now
7 Days

Tigo Kinara Monthly Packs

30 Days

Monthly Packs

Price Data All Net SMS Action
30,000 21 GB 2400 Min 500 Buy now
50,000 35 GB 4000 Min 500 Buy now

Kinara Packs Terms & Conditions

  • 1 Eligibility:
    • All Tigo prepaid Customers are eligible to buy Kinara packs
    • Packages can only be used by a registered Tigo SIM Card
  • 2Multiple subscriptions:

    Multiple subscriptions of more than one pack a day by a Customer is allowed.

  • 3 Buy for a friend:

    A Customer can buy any Kinara pack for a friend at any point in time AND can buy more than one pack for a friend in a day except for Special offers under Saizi Yako menu.

  • 4 Bundle/Pack sharing:

    Currently a Customer can not share the content of a purchased pack with a friend. To buy for a friend, a Customer needs to follow specific steps of gifting a new pack to a friend

  • 5 Payment options:

    There are two main payment options for a Customer to choose when buying a pack. 1. Main balance 2. Tigo Pesa. These options are provided based on the channel selected by a Customer for Example on USSD *147*00# and Tigo Website a Customer can opt to pay via Main balance option or Tigo Pesa option. While when Tigo Pesa App or Tigo Pesa menu via USSD *150*01# the payment option is only Tigo Pesa

  • 6 Pack Validity:

    Every Kinara pack has a specified validity and the content of the purchased pack can only be used within the specified time which is always indicated at the time of purchase and in our menus.

  • 7 Pack content carry over:

    A Customer can not carry over any remaining content of the purchased pack after the pack is expired. Therefore a Customer is advised to use the pack content within the predefined validity of the pack. This is always indicated at the time of purchase and in all our menus.

  • 8 Channels / How to buy Kinara packs:

    Dial *147*00# → Select Validity → Select Kinara → Select a pack → Choose payment option → the Customer receive a confirmation of the purchase done or
    Buy from our Website (www.tigowebsite.co.tz) or
    from our Tigo Pesa App , or Tigopesa USSD *150*01# or
    Buy from our POS Channels or

  • 9 How To check balance for Kinara pack:

    Dial *102*00# and a Customer will receive a detailed SMS with the pack balance

  • 10 Use of Kinara content for On net and Off net :

    A Customer can use the content provided on the pack for both On net and off net

  • 11 Use of Kinara content for Roaming and International calls and SMS:

    The content provided on Kinara packs is only enabled for local On net and Off net calls, browsing and or sms in Tanzania only and can not be used during roaming or for interntational calls and or SMS

  • 12 Use of other services:

    A Customer is not restricted to use or buy other services while subscribed to the Kinara packs.

  • 13 Maximum amount of allowances that customer can rollover are:

    Tigo Kinara Monthly packs:

      1. Data limit: 30GB
      2. Voice limit: 2,000Mins (All net)
      3. Voice limit: 20mins (International)
      4. SMS limit: 14,000

    Tigo Kinara Weekly packs:

      1. Data limit: 4GB
      2. Voice limit: 300Mins (All net)
      3. SMS limit: 2,000

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