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 Tigo Kinara Packs

Tigo Kinara Packs

As part of Tigo’s commitment to provide first class service with a personalized touch to the most valued customers Tigo has introduced Tigo Kinara program.
Tigo Kinara is a life-style driven service that delivers a superior customer experience, lifestyle benefits and an exeptional range of product and service offers.
Tigo Kinara is also a program that provides special benefits with a number of local companies and service provider.

Tigo Pesa
  • Enjoy the convinience of shopping at the biggest network of merchants in Tanzania
  • World class customer experience with Tigo pesa Self-care app including auto reversal and Master pass payment service
  • Easily manage a full range of financial transactions while enjoying Tigo Pesa's exclusive offers
Tigo Internet
  • Enjoy The biggest 4G+ network in the country with the best and most reliable digital experience
  • Download large file in no time at all, stream music videos or HD movies with Tigo 4G+ network
  • Buy smartphone and routers from Tigo and receive extra
Special Service
  • Rollover your unused allowances when you buy Tigo Kinara Pakages
  • Prioritized customer experience when contacting Tigo Call center and shops
  • Enjoy special benefits from Tigo patners such as discounts in restourants, hotels and airlines.

Tigo Kinara Daily Packs

24 Hours

Daily Packs

Price Data All Net Action
1,500 200MB 25 Min Buy now
3,000 200MB 100 Min Buy now

Tigo Kinara Weekly Packs

Weekly Packs

Price Data All Net Action
10,000 500MB 150 Min Buy now
10,000 2GB 50 Min Buy now
7 Days

Tigo Kinara Monthly Packs

30 Days

Monthly Packs

Price Data All Net Action
30,000 5GB 300 Min Buy now
50,000 15GB 300 Min Buy now

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