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Tigo Merchant Payment FAQs

Yes, they can get the e-money left by a deceased merchant by submitting necessary documents required and follow normal procedures for the same, like death certificate etc.

We have a good cooperation with our call center team, usually we share all the merchants data base with them and no reversal transaction can be initiated without a merchant conceit.

We don’t advice merchants to  cash out because they can do various transactions with the e-money in their tigo pesa wallet, just to mention some.

  • You can replenish your stock by paying other registered stockies/ distributors
  • Transfer the balance to your bank account
  • You can pay for different bills currently available in tigo pesa menu.
  • Transfer e-money direct to wallet of subs from other  MNOs

Use your mobile wallet to save e-money and get tigo pesa gawio after every 3 months.

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