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Tigo Pesa FAQs

The customer can download the App by visiting their App store or by clicking on the link that will be sent to them via SMS or visit out Tigo Website to download the App

Yes, it doesn’t matter which network you’re using .Just make sure your Tigo number is in the device and you are using Tigo internet and not WiFi of any kind, when registering the App  and there after you can use the App with any network.

Yes, you will use the same Tigo Pesa PIN used when accessing through USSD *150*01# 

All-important services which are currently available on Tigo pesa through USSD, will also be available on the smartphone application.

We don’t advice merchants to  cash out because they can do various transactions with the e-money in their tigo pesa wallet, just to mention some.

  • You can replenish your stock by paying other registered stockies/ distributors
  • Transfer the balance to your bank account
  • You can pay for different bills currently available in tigo pesa menu.
  • Transfer e-money direct to wallet of subs from other  MNOs

Use your mobile wallet to save e-money and get tigo pesa gawio after every 3 months.

We have a good cooperation with our call center team, usually we share all the merchants data base with them and no reversal transaction can be initiated without a merchant conceit.

Yes, they can get the e-money left by a deceased merchant by submitting necessary documents required and follow normal procedures for the same, like death certificate etc.

Most of the time the confirmation SMS comes within a few minutes but sometimes there will be network problems.

If you have waited more than 10 minutes and still have not received the confirmation SMS you should check your balance or call Tigo Pesa Call Center on 100

Tigo Pesa is reliant on the Tigo Network. In the unlikely event of the Tigo network being down, please avoid conducting any transactions until the network  becomes available and you confirm that your phone has coverage.

The first thing to do is to call Tigo Pesa Call Center by dialing 100 or visit any nearest Tigo Shop and report that the SIM card or phone has been lost.

The attendant will ask the customer a number of questions in order to verify the customer’s identity and then suspend the account, and further procedures of sim replacement will follow

Wrong transfers will happen but it is important to immediately call Customer Service at 100. If the funds sent have not been withdrawn yet Tigo will be able to reverse the money back to the sender. If funds have been withdrawn by the receiver, customer should make a report to police and Tigo will accord with necessary information needed.

This service provide a solution for  solving the problem of bureaucracy in the payment of school fees which includes collection process and keeping records. The payment is done via  through tigo pesa.

  • Dial *150*01# to get your Tigo Pesa Menu.
  • Select 4 for “Payment” on your Tigo Pesa Menu.
  • Select 3 for “Look up” Choose for “Education Service” and get Zoop.
  • Choose 1 and enter your reference number (It depends with the school and Zoop agreement).
  • Enter amount you wish to pay.
  • Enter your Pin, and you will receive a confirmation message from Tigo Pesa.


Zoop Tanzania Company Limited is the one of participant in engaging an agreement with education institution in Tanzania to facilitate the payment of school fees through TigoPesa. The company has helped many schools such as Eagle Boys Secondary School , Heritage English Medium , Mango School etc.

The ID card is given at school. It can be student school ID or any ID depending on the agreement between the particular school and Zoop.

Reference number depends with the  particular school and Zoop agreement.


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