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Appana Chezea Tigo Pesa App

Download and use Tigo Pesa app. It is easy, secure and does not consume your MBs. Get free MBs, Minutes and Cashback when you send money, reload or buy a bundle with Tigo Pesa App.

Tigo Pesa App is simple to use to send money, reload, bill payment and buy bundle

Tigo Pesa app is easy to use and does not consume your MBs

Tigo Pesa App is secure. All transactions require PIN verification.

Send Money

Send money to Tigo users, as well as other networks. Enter phone number or choose from your contacts, and enter amount you want to send.

Transfer to bank

Easily transfer money to a bank account in seconds. All you need is the bank's name and the account number.

Top up

Reload airtime to your number or another number with Tigo Pesa App

Buy Bundle

Buy or gift bundles using Tigo Pesa App, any time, any where. Click "Airtime" to check your airtime and bundle balance easily.

Bill Pay

Pay your day to day bills like electric bill, water bill, cable bill etc. easily in 3 easy steps.

Cash out

Visit your Tigo Pesa agent and withdraw money with Tigo Pesa App

Pay Mechant

Scan Masterpass QR code and pay merchants easily with Tigo Pesa app

Government Payments

Conviniently pay for Government bills with Tigo Pesa app

Appana Chezea Tigo pesa App Frequently Asked Questions

  I already have the application; do I need to delete it and download a new one?

No, you don’t have to delete to download a new one. You can easily update it from your respective Play Store or App Store.

  Do I need to interact with Tigo Personnel to activate the App

No, customers can activate and use the app without needing any further assistance. The app is designed in a way to be self-explanatory and easy to use

  Can I get bonus more than once?

Customers will be getting the offer upon every eligible transaction performed in Tigo Pesa App

  Who gets the bonus when the package is gifted?

The customer who has paid for the package will be awarded the bonus.

  How safe is the App?

The app uses the latest security feature to protect you as the consumer, but we would like to remind our customers of the importance of never sharing your PIN with anybody, and to note that Tigo staff will never require you to provide us with your PIN. Also ensure the App is activated on your personal device and don’t allow other persons to activate your number on their App.

  What is an OTP?

OTP is a One Time Pin, which you should receive when you switch from Tigo Data Network or use WiFi and/or use the App without your SIM card in the device. This will be sent to your mobile number. It will be captured automatically for Android, but please copy it for iOS(iPhone)

  Can I use it on any Network or over WiFi?

Yes, the App can be used with any network, however, your service provider Data costs will apply. You may get an OTP if you do choose to use it without a Tigo SIM and/or outside of Tigo’s Network.

  Does the app use my bundle/internet?

No, the Tigo Pesa App does not consume your data or airtime if you are on using Tigo Network. The data should be ON, but the App doesn’t consume it.

  Do I get offers if I use *150*01#?

This is meant for Tigo Pesa App users, to enjoy the digital lifestyle and get rewarded in bonuses. Download the App now from App Store or Play Store

  How do I get the offers?

  • When you download and activate the App for the first time, you are given a special Welcome pack.
  • When you Send Money to other Tigo Pesa users with the Tigo Pesa App, you get a cashback.
  • When you Buy Bundles via the Tigo Pesa App, you are given a bonus for more Minutes & MBs.
  • When you Top Up via the Tigo Pesa App, you are given a bonus for more Minutes & MBs.

  How do I get this service?

You only need to have an actively registered Tigo SIM with Tigo Pesa activated. You can visit your respective App Store or Play Store and search Tigo Pesa to download and activate the App with your Tigo Pesa PIN to begin your digital journey and enjoy.

  What is the cost / How much is charged?

There is no extra cost to use the App, whereas in fact, you save more money by checking balance for Free, and when on Tigo data network the App does not consume your Data or Airtime and you can check your app activities for Free.

  What is this service?

Tigo being the digital lifestyle pioneers are incentivizing App users, who embrace our motto of digital lifestyle through transacting via the Tigo Pesa App. We are rewarding them with cashback when they send money to other Tigo Subscribers. Additionally, we are providing Minutes and MBs for Bundle purchase, Airtime reload via the Tigo Pesa App.

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