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Move money from Bank to your Tigo Pesa wallet
Customers who do a Bank to Tigo Pesa Wallet transaction will get an UBER vocher of Tsh 3,000 FREE

You will be eligible to get the offer only onces during the promotion period and the minimum amount of the transfer should be 10,000 and more
There is no extra cost

Once the transaction is successful, you will receive the your UBER vocher which you can add on your Uber App under payment and enjoy the discount.
This promotion will be running until end of September

Promocode is used on Uber App to get discount for your trip by following below steps:

  • You will need to download Uber App on your phone (If not done so)
  • You will go to Uber App menu
  • Choose Payment
  • Choose Add promo code
  • Enter the promocode given by Tigo
  • Add promocode to your device
  • On your next Uber trip, you will get a discount of 3,000/=

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