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Lots of friends and relatives using Tigo? Then save big on voice and internet with a Tigo to Tigo Xtreme package below. All Xtreme packages include 3G or 4G internet at the same great price.  All you need to access Tigo’s super fast 4G network is a 4G SIM card and a 4G capable device. Learn how to get started with 4G Internet      

If you spend a lot of time talking to people outside the Tigo network, a Minikabang pack may be a better option for you.

Daily Packages

Price   Total Minutes On Net Ex net SMS Internet (3G/4G) Validity Action
TZS 500 16 14 2 0  1 MB  24 HOURS  Buy Now
TZS 600 20 18 2 15  2 MB  24 HOURS  Buy Now
TZS 1,000 70 65 5 30  10 MB  24 HOURS  Buy Now
TZS 2,000 100 95 5 50  10 MB  48 HOURS  Buy Now


Weekly Packages

Price  Total Minutes On Net Ex Net SMS Internet (3G/4G) Validity Action
TZS 2,000 50 45 5 200 20 MB 7 DAYS  Buy Now


All rates are tax inclusive.

Data session will be charged per 10kb and voice call will be charged per second


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