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 Tikisa Nyavu

Tikisa Nyavu campaign Tigo will partner with StarTimes and KweseIflix to offer online video content which will include LIVE football streaming and give away prizes.

This Campaign will have 3 elements

1. Online streaming Video content (StarTimes & KweseIflix )

A service that will allow subscribers to download an Application and enjoy a variety of online video content for the biggest football event in the world. The content will vary from videos and other football information such as fixtures, player, team information and news.

Apart from football content, this service will also offer LIVE broadcasting of video content of popular TV shows, soaps and movies ranging from Bongo movies, Nollywood and Hollywood blockbusters.

To Enjoy online streaming a subscriber will have to

a. Download the app by clicking link
  1. Startimes
  2. KweseIflix
  3. Dial *147*00# then select WORLD FOOTBALL
  4. Dial *148*00# then select WORLD FOOTBALL
  5. Tigo Sports Portal
b. Buy special streaming data bundle from both USSD menus by Dialing *147*00# or *148*00#

2. SMS Trivia

In this service Tigo subscribers will stand a chance to WIN exciting Prizes; Smart phones, cash prizes and a grand cash prize of 10M Tsh by responding to quizzes regarding football. Subscription to this service is FREE. However, a subscriber will be charged for every trivia question received 70/SMS.

This will be a point-based promotion, whereby subscribers will accumulate points by responding to trivia questions. A subscriber will be rewarded with 100 points for each correct response and 25 points for any in correct response. At the end of specified period a subscriber with the most points WINS. Winner selection will be done every week and a grand prize winner will be selected at the end of the promotion..

Sample questions:

Where is FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 HELD?



Respond with A or B

Subscription to this service will be by sending keyword SOKA to 15670
Subscription via portal: www.tigosports.co.tz
Unsubscribe: Send keyword ONDOA SOKA to 15670
Promotion Duration: 14th June 2018 - 29th July 2018

3. Football News

In this service a subscriber will get instant international football updates. The updates will include football news, team and player news and fixtures. This service will also offer real time updates of LIVE international football and major football events such as goal score updates, cards, penalties.

Subscription to this service will be by sending keyword BOLI to 15670.
Unsubscribe: Send ONDOA BOLI to 15670.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Live Football Matches

  What are the charges?

You see the subscription options and charges from Tigo menu. Dial *147*00# OR *148*00# then World Football > Watch Live Matches

  Would I enjoy watching football on 3G network?

YES. You need to download StarTimes App from play store or Appstore and enjoy live football matches

  I do not have a smartphone , how will I enjoy this service ?

The service is for smartphone users .Visit any Tigo shop country wide and buy affordable smartphones and enjoy up to 3GB free internet for up to 6 months

Football News

  What is the Football news service?

This service allows you to get latest World Football news updates, fixtures, team and player news and goal alerts.

  How can I activate the Football news service?

To activate football service send keyword BOLI to 15670 or dial and select option World football (option) 11 and then Football news

  What kind of content will I receive in a day.

With every live game day you will receive the fixtures of the day and during the game time you will receive the live updates of the game. During the ‘rest day’ you will receive content related to football stars and upcoming updates.

  How can I unsubscribe from Football news service?

To unsubscribe please send the keyword ONDOA BOLI to 15670.

  What are the charges for Football news service?

You will be charged Tsh 100/day.

Football TRIVIA

  What is the WIN Prizes service?

WIN prizes service provides customers to engage into an SMS Trivia where subscribers answer Football QUIZ by using their skills and win prizes.

  How can I activate WIN Prizes service?

To activate WIN Prizes service send keyword SOKA to 15670 or dial *147*00# and select option World football (option 11) and then WIN PRIZES (option 2)

  How can I play to WIN?

Upon activation of service you will get questions to answer and each question you answer will give you points. Higher the points, can make you win prizes

  What are the charges of the questions?

Each question will be charged at Tsh 70

  How many points will I get for answering the question?

For each right answer you will get 100 points and for each wrong answer you will get 25 points.

  What prizes can I win in this service?

Subscribers can win up to TSH 10 M , LED Tv and 4G Smartphones. Winners will be announced on weekly basis

  How do I know if I have win?

You will be called by Tigo staff if you win.

  How can I unsubscribe from this service?

To unsubscribe please write Ondoa soka to 15670

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