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Over the past 50 years we have seen the diminishing of the glacier peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is not only due to global warming but has also been accredited to rampant deforestation which has caused critical changes in local weather patterns and rainfall around the mountain.

Studies have also shown that the cap of the highest mountain in Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro) will have disappeared by 2033 and 85% of the ice at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro has disappeared over the last 100 years which in turn has had a major impact on the 19,000 ft high mountain.

Government and non-Government institutions have made efforts to address the mentioned challenges and to some extent those efforts have been successful. Nonetheless cutting of trees for fuel wood and illegal logging activities are persistent and threatening to the forest. If challenges like these are not addressed, biodiversity loss will prevail where some world recognized species found in the forest will disappear.

As sponsors of the Tigo Kilihalf marathon for 6 (six) consecutive years, we are starting off 2021 on the right foot by helping to conserve the environment around Kilimanjaro as well as help bring back the snow on Mount Kilimanjaro (a world known tourist attraction and the pride of Africa), by launching a campaign dubbed TIGO GREEN FOR KILI- ONE STEP ONE TREE

With a target to plant 28,000 trees, Tigo will inaugurate this campaign In February 2021, by planting 10,000 trees in Moshi this year. One tree will be planted for every step that you take.

The cost per tree will be TZS 5,000/= and our customers can donate via LIPA KWA SIMU number 9867912.

Tigo is calling out to the public to help this initiative become a success and ensure that as a community, we help make Kilimanjaro green again.


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