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 Twende App

Number 1 choice for transport in Tanzania.

Twende gives you the option to declare your budget before sending the request. We also take your comments for every trip you complete to help us rank the drivers!.

Don't want to move with cash? No problem your phone is enough to get you there!.

Dedicated customer support 24/7

Available Transportation Requests


Request for bajaj get a driver within minutes through Twende. Ride securely with well trained and approved.


Request for transport get a taxi within minutes through Twende. Travel in style with a ride that suit your needs.

Boda boda

Request for bodaboda (Motorcycle) get get a driver within minutes through Twende. Get there faster with Twende



Benefits for Twende App

  • Approved and well trained drivers
  • Choose your own ride
  • Decide your own fare amount
  • Ride in style by choosing the transport type you want

How to use Twende App(Passengers)

  • Downloading the app - Download the app from the Play Store.
  • Joining - Click "Join" and  ensure you have completed all steps.
  • Requesting a Ride - Enter the destination you want to go and select mode of transportation you prefer (Bajaji,Boda boda au taxi) then enteryour budget.
  • Select driver and pay fare - Select your preferred driver and click "Pay using TigoPesa" to complete payment.
  • Contacting the driver - Track the driver's location and get all updates.
  • Trip updates - You will be notified when the driver has arrived at your location.
  • Know where you are - Start your trip and track where you are.
  • Suggestions - Give us your suggestions at the end of your trip. 

How to use Tigo App(Drivers)

  • Downloading the app - Download the app from the Play Store.
  • Joining - Click "Join" and ensure you have completed all steps.
  • Longing in - Click "login" after entering your mobile number and password.
  • Approval - Click "yes" after being approved by TWENDE.
  • Opening - Click "open" then wait for passengers.
  • Negotiations - Accept the passenger's amount or enter your preffered amount then click "accept".
  • Payment information - Click "yes" to go and pick up the passenger after completion of payments.
  • Pickup the passenger - Inform the passenger that you are going to pick them up.
  • Contact the passenger - Inform the passenger your current location and ask them about of their location.
  • Start trip - Click "Trip begins" after the passenger has entered your vehicle.
  • Trip completed - Click "trip completed" after arriving at the passenger's final destination.
  • Suggestions - Give us your suggestions at the end of your trip. 

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