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 Weekend offer

Tigo Weekend Offer:

Tigo Weekend is a Campaign which offers Bonus of either Minutes or MBs during weekends to Selected Cluster of Customers after reaching a set of spending Target during weekdays.

Promo Modality:

“spend on weekdays then enjoy free bonus on Weekend.” Every customer will have a different offer based on their usage behaviors.


This campaign is for prepaid customers and is segmented based on different group of customers.


New Tigo Weekend Offer officially launched on 05th July, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  What is Tigo Weekend offer?

This is an offer of either Minutes or MBs to be used over weekend given to a Selected group of Tigo Customer after reaching a set Target of Minutes for voice Bonus or MBs for Data Bonus.

  How will I Know am Eligible for Tigo weekend Offer?

When Selected for the offer Customer will receive Target SMS on every Monday, Showing Total amount required to be purchased from Monday to Friday.

  Will this Tigo Weekend Bonus affect my other offers such as New GA offer, Cha Asubuhi or Longa Nae?

No this will not affect other offers which are tailor made for you.

  Is this Bonus Segmented?

This Bonus is available to all Selected Tigo Prepaid subscribers across the country.

  Will I be able to get bonus in both voice and Data?

No, Bonus is available on one segment only either internet or Voice.

  Can the bonus be rollover?

No, the bonus will expire after 48 hours allotted to it during that specific weekend.

  How can I join for Tigo Weekend Offer?

No subscription required, Selected ground of Customers during that week will receive invitation SMS showing them required number of Minutes or MBs to be purchased during weekdays to enjoy bonus on that weekend.

  How will I know Total amounts of Minutes/MBs of Bonus awarded to me?

Customers are able know amounts of Minutes/MBs Bonus through balance check USSD code *102*00#

Terms & Condition:

  1. Free bonus is available to Selected Tigo Prepaid Customers after reaching accumulation spend of the target given during the week.
  2. Customer will receive either Data bonus (MBs) or Voice bonus (Minutes) and not both.
  3. Free bonus is given only once in a week (i.e., During Weekend)
  4. Free bonus is only used during weekend (Saturday& Sunday) validity for 48 hours to cover the whole weekend.
  5. Selected Customer who has not bought a pack and reach given Target will not receive free bonus.
  6. Anyone using ON DEMAND will not get the bonus.
  7. Broadcast SMS will be sent to Customers in 4 Stages.
    • Stage 1, to be sent on Monday to Selected group of Customers for that Week communicating Target for the week.
    • Stage 2, to be sent on Wednesday showing the balance to reach the target.
    • Stage 3, Friday midnight Confirmation SMS of the Total Bonus achieved
  8. Customer will receive notification once offer is sent and will be able to see the Minutes /MB bonus awarded to him/her by checking the balance through USSD code *102*00#

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