Start Using Tigo Pesa | Tigo Tanzania

Start Using Tigo Pesa in 4 Easy Steps

1.       Register for a Tigo Pesa account at any Tigo Shop or Tigo Pesa Agent. All you need is a Valid ID and a Tigo SIM Card (activated).

2.       Only the following valid ID types can be used to register yourself for Tigopesa account. They are as listed below,

  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Voter Registration Card
  • National ID
  • Zanzibar Residence ID 

3.       Access your account by dialing *150*01# where you can send money, buy airtime, pay bills and transfer money from your bank account.

4.       Cash In by depositing money at any Tigo Pesa Agent.

5.       Cash Out by withdrawing money at any Tigo Pesa Agent.

Visit any Tigo Pesa Agent (Wakala) and start instantly and conveniently sending and receiving money.

When your registration is complete, get the Tigo Pesa App and enjoy the simplest, fastest and most convenient mobile money transactions. 


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