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Terms and Conditions for “ISHIKISTAA SMS TRIVIA PROMOTION” promotion 

  1. Terms and Conditions: 
    • This promotion is open to All Tigo prepaid subscribers only 
    • Duration of the competition: 3 Months 
    • End date subject to extension depending on the patronage of the promotion 
    • Every Customer who subscribes to the SMS trivia service will accumulate points that will help him/her enter into a raffle to win the prizes. For each trivia SMS question answered, a subscriber will be charged 99Tsh/SMS. 
    • Participants have to be eighteen (18) years of age and above to participate 
    • Customer MUST subscribe to the service by sending keyword STAR to 15633. Subscription to the service is FREE. Upon subscription, customer will start receiving football trivia sms questions. Each question received by a subscriber will be charged 99Tsh/SMS. 
    • Any wrong keyword sent to short code 15633 will be considered as an incorrect answer for the previous question sent. Hence the system will notify you of an incorrect response and will prompt a new question if a subscriber has sufficient balance. 
    • Each correct response to the trivia question will yield 100 (One hundred) points while an incorrect response will give 25 (twenty-five) points. 
    • All customers have an equal chance to advance credit service where they will be receiving questions upon being charged to boost their winning. 
    • Auto renewal means everyday a subscriber will be automatically charged and automatically renewed into the service to check and win prizes.  
    • Campaign will include Celebrity trivia (quizzes) to engage players and boost their winning chances as they learn through the game. 
    • The more a subscriber responds to the questions the more the points accumulated and the likelihood to be selected into a draw to win prizes. 
    • To Un subscribe the subscriber will have to send key word Ondoa STAR to 15633. 
    • There no un subscription fees. 
    • Any subscriber who has won a particular prize, and who at the time of calling him/her to notify him/her as a winner is not reachable or fails to answer his/her phone three (3) times, will be disqualified as a winner. In such an event, the subscriber with the second highest points shall be contacted and if reached declared the winner. 
    • Winning subscribers who were not reachable by telephone or who did not answer their phone 3 times will not have a right to claim a prize. 
    • All PRIZES for “ISHIKISTAA SMS TRIVIA PROMOTION” promotion winners will be handed over to the winners at Tigo offices. 
    • A subscriber can ONLY win a particular prize ONLY ONCE. That is if a subscriber wins a particular category such as weekly prize in week 1 he/she will not be eligible to win a weekly prize again in the coming weeks. 
    • Tigo will remain with the prize of a winner who at the time of winning does not claim it for a period of three (3) months after which the winner will no longer have claim to the prize and hence considered forfeited.  
    • By participating and accepting a prize a winner gives rights to Tigo to use winner information be it but not limited to voice, picture or video testimonials for the purpose of publication in media for the full duration of promotion. 
    • The names of the winners will be published in a newspaper and media outlets  
    • Green Telecom and Tigo employees and their families are not eligible to participate in this promotion 
    • The promotion is open to Tanzania residents only. 
    • Names of the winners will be mentioned on selected electronic media and printed on selected newspapers. 
    • There will be no gaming tax payable to TRA on all CASH PRIZES. 
    • The prizes of this promotion cannot be interchanged, exchanged or passed on to another person. 
    • The winner of any prize will have to produce relevant recognized national identification but not limited to (NIDA card, Voter’s ID, Driving License) before being acknowledged as a valid winner.  
    • Tigo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time by giving a notice of such intent to the Gaming Board of Tanzania. 


  1. Winner selection 
    • Daily,Weekly and Grand winners will be solely on merit by way of SMS (or USSD) sent to or received from the promo short code, and points accumulation that will enable user enter into a draw/raffle during the campaign period.
    • Winner selection and notification will be done in the presence of inspector from the Gaming Board of Tanzania.
    • The more the trivia questions a subscriber answers the more the points he / she accumulates and the more the likelihood of collecting the most points to enter into a draw/raffle and win prizes.
    • All winners will be selected based on draw/Raffle. 
    • Grand winners will be selected via a raffle from the 20 numbers with highest points collected during the whole season.
    • Winner selection and notification will be done in the presence of inspector from the Gaming Board of Tanzania.
    • All participants of the promotion will stand an equal chance of winning in this category of prize. 
  • PRIZES: 
    • GRAND PRIZE:  There will be one (1) winner of the grand prize at the end of the season. The winner will win a cash prize of Tsh 2,000,000 (Twoe Million Shillings) 
    • WEEKLY PRIZES:  There will be one (1) for weekly prize who will win a total of Tsh 200,000( Two Hundred Thousand). There will be a total of 12 weekly winners for the whole season. 
    • DAILY PRIZES: There will be Three (3) Winners for Tsh 10,000 and 10 winners for 5,000 daily.  
  1. All the information for the participants of the Promotional Game will be published in Tigo’s Tanzania website, Social media and Ishi Kistaa social Media pages 
  • Instagram: ishikistaa 
  • Facebook: ishikistaa 
  • Website: tigo.co.tz 
  • If the Promotional Game is terminated, the Promoter of the Promotional Game will publish in the official resources of the Promotional Game and sends SMS notifications to customers. 
  • Interruption or early termination of the Promotional Game shall not release the Promoter from its obligation to give out already awarded prizes and execute other actions required, except for the cases when termination or interruption of the Promotional Game was called by actions or events which are not under the Promoter’s control. 
  • The Promoter of the Game shall not release personal information about participants of the Promotional Game to any third persons unless required to do so by law or in order to comply with government entities in Tanzania. 
  • The Promoter reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or otherwise contact with the participants of the Promotional Game other than in accordance with the Terms and Conditions or in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Tanzania. 
  • The Promoter reserves the right to make available free short codes throughout the duration of the Promotional Game for any purpose. 



Entries/Prizes calculation stop every day at 23:59. 


We may terminate this Conditions of Use at any time at our sole discretion. Such termination shall be subject to notifying you. Notification may be by letter, electronic mail, telephone (including recorded message or text SMS) or by an advertisement in gazette daily or weekly newspaper or in our website or any other means. You are advised also to visit our website from time to time to view the changes in case due to some unforeseen reasons you might not receive updates notification. 

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