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  • A subscriber to participate in this service must be a Tigo customer of eighteen (18) years old and above. 
  • All Tigo and ZingAfri employees together with their families are not permitted to participate in this promotion. 
  • A Tigo customer MUST subscribe in this service by sending a keyword QUIZ to 15724 or by visiting the portal www.theluckyquiz.com. 
  • A subscriber can de activate from the service by sending a keyword ONDOAQUIZ to 15724 OR by visiting the portal www.theluckyquiz.com. 
  • A subscriber must have more than 10 coins to be able to answer the video question, if the coins are exhausted, he/she can purchase 5 coins for 100Tsh, 10 coins for 200Tsh and 15 coins for 300Tsh to be able to play. 
  • A subscriber with the highest points win be a grand winner and for the weekly winners are obtained through raffle process. 
  • In case there is a tie in points then the subscriber who scored the highest points in the shortest period (First Come First Serve) will be declared as the winner. 
  • One subscriber can win in only one category once and then Grand category 
  • After subscription, a customer has given a consent and will receive the enticement message about services. 
  • A prize winner of this service gives rights to Tigo to use winner(s) information for advertisements such as voice, picture, or video testimonials throughout the promotion. 
  • Names of the winners will be mentioned on selected electronic media and printed on selected newspapers. 
  • All prizes will be handed over to the winners at Tigo office. 
  • Prize winners who are not reachable by telephone or who do not answer their phone 3 times will be disqualified as winners and will not have the right to claim a prize. In such an event the second winner shall be contacted and if reached is declared as a winner. 
  • Tigo will remain with the prize of a winner who at the time of winning does not claim it for a period of three (3) months after which the winner will no longer have claim to the prize and hence considered forfeited. 
  • A subscriber can only win a particular prize once. That is if a subscriber wins a weekly prize in week 1, he/she will not be eligible to win a weekly prize again in the coming weeks. The customer will accumulate the points for Grand prize. 
  • The customer’s number must be Biometrically Registered to be eligible for this service. 
  • The promotion is open to Tanzania residents only. 
  • Tigo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time by giving a notice of such intent to the Gaming Board of Tanzania.













Prizes Plan  


Unit Price (TSH) 


3 months (Total TSH) 

Grand Prize: To the User with highest points at the end of the 3 months. 

Grand Cash Prize 




Weekly Prize: Raffle for top ten 

Weekly Cash Prize 









Total Prizes: 







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