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This agreement contains directives governing the use of the Tigo Pesa Virtual card service the acceptance of which constitutes a binding contract between yourself and Tigo Pesa Virtual Card service. These terms and conditions shall apply to the customer immediately upon subscription of the services and shall continue during the pendency of the license granted to the company and any renewal thereof unless terminated by either party according to the terms and conditions herein.


Virtual Card Number service is for all Tigo Pesa customers that are fully biometric registered. Virtual Card Number service offered by Tigo Pesa will only be used for online payments through MasterCard.

Tigo Pesa Virtual Card will be generated via Tigo Pesa App or Tigo Pesa menu by the Customer, the Virtual Card Number details will be accessible to the Customer in the two forms; either as a digital card on a Mobile App interface or delivered via SMS/Tigo Pesa Menu. The card will contain, as any debit card, a unique 16-digit card number, an expiry date, and a 3-digit CVV number. Every card will be linked to a unique customer.


Merchant: means an online merchant or supplier of goods and/or services who has agreed to accept the VCN as payment for goods and/or services.

Virtual Card Number (VCN): Is substitution of a physical debit cards used for online purchase or eCommerce (not physical swipes) yet functions in the same way as any physical card transaction for online payment and the card if accessible to the customer Tigo Pesa Mobile App, SMS notification or Tigo Pesa Menu, the card contains a unique 16-digit card number, an expiry date, and a 3-digit CVV number.

CVV (Card Verification Value): This is a 3-digit number that is an anti-fraud security feature. This number is vital for completing online transactions and should never be shared with anyone.

OTP (One-time passwords): This is a password sent to your mobile phone to complete your online payment. All OTP will be sent via SMS or email, to complete online payment customer can add or delete an email on card setting.

Virtual Card Number Validity: There are two types of virtual cards the customer can create for online payments based with the validity. Tigo Pesa only allows 2 cards creation, One-time Use, and 90 Days validity card.

Virtual Card Number Setting: This allows the customer to manage their Virtual card number such as, request their card details, enable, disable, and delete the card.


4.1 You are required to be a Tigo Pesa Biometrically registered with an active Tigo Pesa account.

4.2 The Virtual Card Number will be issued in your name as per the biometric registration details on Tigo Pesa system, you are responsible for all authorized transaction on your VCN.

4.3 Debit structure of Tigo Pesa VCN is auto-debit. Customer Card is linked direct to Tigo Pesa Wallet. Upon customer consent, online payment will be made direct from the main Tigo Pesa Wallet.

4.4 The VCN will only be used in all MasterCard online payments websites or services.

4.5 It shall be your full responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of all online payments made with the VCN, any loss due to negligence or misuse of VCN will not be covered by Tigo Pesa.

4.6 If you attempt to perform online payments more than the VCN limit, your transaction will be declined, and you will be duly notified.

4.7 You can disable or enable your VCN service anytime.
4.8 You are required to make sure your VCN details are kept safe and secure at all times and all responsibility of the VCN details are not lost or stolen.

4.9 In case you lose your VCN details or suspect the details are being compromised you must immediately call the call center for the VCN to be blocked or disable and delete the card.

4.10 If the card is used or we find that you are using it fraudulently, we have the right to charge you for any costs that we incur, stopping you form using the VCN and report to the regulator and relevant authorities.


5.1 You will be charged a forex markup fee equal to 5% for the payments in foreign currency on the date that you complete each transaction.

5.2 You will be charged a markup fee equal to 5% for the payments in domestic currency on the date that you complete each transaction.

5.3 You might be charge subscription fees for creation of Tigo Pesa Virtual Card service.


6.1 In any scenario, if a Merchant rejects your Card or cannot provide the service and/or money have been deducted from your Tigo Pesa wallet and transferred to a merchant, you may request for a refund from a Merchant.

6.2 If a Merchant is required to refund you, Tigo Pesa shall not be liable to credit the refund amount to your Tigo Pesa wallet unless we receive an equivalent amount from the Merchant. Requests for refunds must be addressed by you to the specific Merchant.

6.3 Clause above shall apply despite expiry of your Card. The available cash will be returned to your Tigo Pesa wallet once you have cancelled the Card.

6.4 A preauthorized or authorization hold transactions or failed transactions due to system errors, a deducted funds or holds will be refunded back to your Tigo Pesa wallet.


We may change, suspend, or discontinue the Service, or any part of it, including the VCN feature as a whole and any VCN options, at any time without notice. We may amend any of this agreement’s terms at our sole discretion by posting the revised terms on our website. Your continued use of the Service after the effective date of the revised Agreement constitutes acceptance of the terms.


Customer may be asked to submit documentation for the purposes of identification in accordance with our Customer Due Diligence, or regulatory requirements or when needed, to update your details. Electronic methods may also be used to satisfy our Customer Due Diligence requirements available in our custodian as obtained during the registration of your mobile SIM-Card or Tigo Pesa account, this will include but not limited to (for example: name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.). We may collect and confirm this information during the course of our relationship. We may obtain this information from a variety of sources, including from you, from service arrangements you make with or through us, from credit reporting agencies and financial institutions, from registries, from references you provide to us and from other sources, as is necessary for the provision of our products and services. You acknowledge receipt of notice that from time-to-time reports about you may be obtained by us from credit or financial reporting agencies.


Each transaction that you make using the service is a contractual relationship directly between you and the merchant, and their terms and conditions will control that transaction. The service helps you make more secure purchases using VCNs; in no event may Tigo Pesa be accountable to you if the participating merchants reject your card for any reason. By using the Service, you agree to hold us harmless from all liability, loss, or damage that may arise from you visiting/using/making a purchase on a third-party site.


You agree not to use the service for any purpose other than making authorized transactions.


Your rights under this Agreement will automatically terminate without notice if you fail to comply with any of its terms. In case of such termination, we may immediately revoke your access to the Service without notice.


These terms and conditions shall in all aspects be governed by the laws of United Republic of Tanzania.


  • We will not be liable for any delay or failure in performing any of its obligations in respect of the use of the card where such delay or failure occurs because of any circumstances beyond our service’s reasonable control.
  •  You may not vary any of these Condition of Use and you may not transfer these terms to any other person or business.


  •  You may contact the Customer Contact Centre by dialling ‘100’free of charge for any assistance.
  • You can also send us an email on customercare⦁ @tigo.co.tz, a representative will immediately contact you on the status of your logged complaint. Some complaints may have a longer resolution time, but in such cases, we will indicate that your complaint has been received by us. We will inform you of the status of your complaint within 3 working days of receiving your complaint.

For product or account inquiries or service complaints, you can visit our:

TIGO Head Quarters: MTMSL Tanzania Public Limited Company

New Bagamoyo Road, P.O. Box 2929,

Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Email: customercare@tigo.co.tz

Phone: +255 716 123 103
Website: www.tigo.co.tz

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