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Tailor Made for Your Growing Company
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Large Corporations

Customer Centric Business Resources For all Sizes of Business
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Voice Solutions

Improve your company’s communications while reducing your operating expenses

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Connectivity Solutions

A business must remain constantly connected, keeping up with its environment in the world in real-time.

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Cloud Solutions

Store your business information securely, and access it anytime, anywhere.

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Advanced Solutions

Optimize the performance of your company with specific solutions that fit your needs.

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About us

Tigo Business offers a broad portfolio of integrated solutions that adapt to the specific needs of your company, reducing costs and maximizing business productivity.

Unlimited Business Day

Tigo Business provides just that with a very competitive package offering more value than any of our competitors. With this solution, you can make unlimited calls during business hours so you are always connected and can focus on what is important – your business. learn more

Bulk SMS

An agile and simple communication tool that allows you to inform your clients about marketing campaigns, regardless of who your cellular operator is. Send notifications, billing notices, and any information you need from an easy-to-use web portal. learn more

Dedicated Fixed Internet

Tigo Business’s connectivity solutions enable your business to be connected to the world through dedicated fixed internet. Tigo Business technology ensures the operation and continuity of your business at all times and places, through a solid and secure connection, thanks to the largest and most stable network in Tanzania. learn more

Tier 3 Data Center

Data Centre offers infrastructure, software and service platforms including connectivity, managed services, within a secure and robust environment, following universal standards and certifications.

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